Behemoth's Rock Wall Breaking Under Hunters


This was actually a problem that DB Sinclair ran into on stream a few times and when asked if that was supposed to happen he replied “No, that’s a bug and shouldn’t happen in the full release”. Sorry to say that DB was wrong (not his fault, of course) but maybe because the time to fix that specific bug until release was too short. Either way, I am fully confident that TRS will patch it soon enough. Rock Wall is STILL effective, just not as it should be for the time being.

I realize that there are more posts about this than my own here but I just wanted to keep spreading the word about it.

At any rate, happy hunting everyone!


Behemoth is also taking more damage than he is supposed to be as well


Been having a lot of problems with the walls, to the point where it ends up turning the tide of matches. In Aviary, for some reason every time I tried putting up walls in the tunnels/outside the tunnels they would just break to the point where it isn’t a wall, just two pillars randomly poking through the environment. Wall breaking under hunters and walls with weird gaps in them with plenty of space for hunters to fly through. This otherwise awesome/vital ability seems too glitchy to risk taking but too important not to use for me at the moment and I’m already having a hard time not getting demolished by tier 4 hunters :-I Fingers crossed for a quick patch.


I hope it’s a quick patch as well, man. Keep on keepin’ on.