Behemoths rock wall barely ever works


It amazes me how games can release dlc and things we pay for and they just stay broken for a while… i have sat in a game with nothing in the way and no hunters or anything in my way and my wall won’t go up at certain times… has gaps sometimes won’t go up fully where I want it to block… then we have in battle issues where a shield beam breaks that part or anything with fire. Like seriously sooo glitched… great game just seems the support for it is all greed greed greed.


A game this complicated is going to have issues and they can’t all be fixed with a simple flip of a switch.

I like Brohemoth but his glitchiness and fatness makes him too unreliable in-game.

I’m a monster player that likes to receive minimal Health Damage and he’s all about taking tons of unnecessary damage. I hate that…


Maybe, but that greed is spread around - it costs something like $20-40k for certification to patch a game on PSN or XBL, so devs try to release a few big updates instead of being able to quickly and easily patch the game. That’s part of why they made the micropatching system so they could adjust values for balancing. TRS is also a fairly small studio supporting the game in a lot of ways: developing new content, cosmetic content, balancing, bug fixing, server & matchmaking issues, recording new dialogue - all kinds of stuff.

I dunno when they’re planning to roll out the next major update, but they usually kinda ‘go dark’ for a week or so when they’re working on a lot of stuff. Behemoth definitely still needs some fixing, Kraken has quite a few bugs, Wraith could be a little more balanced, Sunny’s Jetpack Booster needs to be tweaked, Bucket could use some improvements, as well as the Medic class in general. It’s a lot more complicated than just fixing Rock Wall.


What this guy said.

Although if they adjust Wraith some more it better be a good improvement. Took me a week to get used to this new Wraith and I still don’t like how I’m in a Forced Playstyle that revolves around Warpblast for competitive play but that’s a different topic.


Lol I could list all the things wrong man it would take me a long while. And if certifying actually costs that much I’d make sure my shit was proper when I released it… i dunno if it’s just the ID program for Xbox but I know it costs 0$ for updates I’m sure they aren’t charging 20 k to apply a patch lol. I’m fine with wraith still wreck kids, it’s glitches I don’t like fuck the balances till the bugs are fixed seriously… I’m fine with the balance at the moment, not with the bugs, behemoth is unusable competitively at all due to u not knowing when his moves will work… fissure doesn’t shoot out…


I had problems with rockwall before. But those problems went away once I started using it farther away, even when on wildlife and hunters. If you haven’t consistently tried it, I’d say try giving rockwall a Tyrant’s length away from you. Once I start trying to make the rockwall close to me, it bugs out. I’m assuming the collision box on Behemoth is too large for a close wall.


Sony & Microsoft charge the dev/publisher for a self-imposed “certification” to put up anything for download, but it’s not just new games, apps and DLC, it also includes game updates. In order to patch a game on a console you have to pay them for the pleasure. Game companies still can’t charge the end user for bug fixing patches & client updates (at least not yet).


I just stopped putting points in it. Too unreliable.