Behemoths model


I see so much discussion about behemoth but realy my biggest gripe is he simply doesn’t visually fit with the game at all. He’s ugly and lumpy and just looks like crap from both the monsters and hunters perspective to the point I kind of don’t really want to play as or against him.

All the other monsters have some good sexy to them and they look clean and polished like a lot of work went into their character design and behemoth just utterly lacks that. He’s not even scary looking charging you, he’s just a vague lump you can’t even barely tell he has limbs because there is not an ounce of visual distinction anywhere. Not something you can sympathize with compared to say a limping pained goliath or the regal kraken roaring dominance to the world.

I really hope this isn’t a sign of what is to come. The first three monsters were marvelious to behold. Getting back to that would be for the best I think.


Have you seen him with the jade skin? He looks pretty awesome. I agree on the fact that he’s kind of just a big brown lump without it and really blends in with the world a little too well at first but once he grabs some armor he can get very glow-y even to the point of being almost white with his glow.


I haven’t. I never watched any of the footage so I could form an independant opinion on him. I like him gameplay wise and it’s facinating playing such a powerful glass cannon but visually there is nothing there. None of his playstyle or power is conveyed in his model at all. No skins are in the store in anycase.


Jade skin is in the store. You have to go to the in-game store to find it though.


Weird I was looking in the in game store looking specifically for it. Savage wraith is damn fine though. I would have to see someone ingame with it though, nothing about behemoths looks chime at all for me an I wouldn’t trust green to be enough by itself.


I LOVE his head, it’s like this armoured shell that acts as a foreskin which can pull back as his jaws push through. He’s really icky in general but that’s what you want in a monster, like seeing his giant armour plates held by tendons that stretch to the main fleshy parts, and the guts hanging out. Looks great. And it is nice to have some variety, flying squid, bipedal body building monster, teleport snake and now giant enemy turtle.


The eye forskin is kinda cool I’ll agree though he looks pretty braindead with them down and you’ll never see it outside the main menu. I’ll have to disagree on monster design, particularily with playable characters.

If a player can’t sympathise with their own character it creates an unpleasant play experiance. He’s also not scary even when beating your face in. Leads to a very detached experiance for both ends.


I just disagree with this entirely, and it’s completely subjective. I like that he’s a big angry gorilla-thing with badly formed plates all over his body. I like that he’s a big round lump of organic rock that can roll up into a ball. It feels fitting with the theme that the Monsters 1) might be some kind of deep space biological planetary defense system, 2) can travel through space - he could be like a meteor that’s actually a rock monster. He’s very much a rock-covered gorilla thing, and I like his design more than Goliath actually.


Looks more like a lump you’d find at the bottom of a toilet then a rock monster to me but anything visually is by nature subjective. I actually do really like the look of his ball. Normal form though you can barely even tell he’s swinging because of his lack of sillouhet. People just kinda die without any visual distinction for the cause. I don’t even see a difference between his heavy and normal attacks and it’s a blatant distinction with any other monster.


Uh, so the fact that he’s made of dozens of segments of jagged rock doesn’t help you differentiate the fact that he’s a gorilla-shaped creature covered in rock, e.g. a “rock monster” rather than… as you describe, a piece of shit? Now we’re just being ridiculous. I don’t know what you expected, but it seems like it might be a bit unreasonable. You can’t tell when his giant arms lift over his body before a melee attack? You can’t see the multiple levels of detail? You can’t see the chain reaction throughout his body whenever he goes into an attack animation? If you aren’t seeing this stuff maybe you need to turn up your graphics options. Texture detail? I dunno. It’s all very obvious and exaggerated. The detail is kinda crazy. When he goes into a full roar the plates of his face are so malformed they open up like flaps and you can see the flesh of his face underneath.


Hes so muddy and dark a majorty of that is lost on a hunter pounding his back. He wiggles, peoples health drop. Running on medium everything but behemoth is visually distinct. Goli slam dunks you every one regardless of positioms sees him slam dunk you. From any angle I’ve never had that visual distinction fighting behemoth. Just wiggles and bars drop periodically. I shouldn’t need higher graphics setting to tell when a boss monster is attacking.


Lol Medium settings

Based on your description your really just not paying any attention while fighting him

The animation of him coming out of ball form to clap you is probably the best monster animation in the game and one of the most distinct


He is a brute, he is bulky, and unintelligent looking by design.

He fit’s his niche, he does not have to be what the other monsters are because he is not them. Goliath is a fast bruiser, and has a huge amount of muscle, Kraken is a lanky flying electric beast, and Wraith is a sly and stealthy ambush specialist, behemoth is not at all similar, and has an entirely different look.


He lines up and spits Lava bomb out of his mouth, and Tongue Grab also comes out of his mouth, so the attack animations are somewhat similar, but it’s very, very obvious what the difference is - one is a giant ball of bright molten magma that creates big glowing AOE pools, the other is a long tongue that grabs you. The other 2 attacks have somewhat similar animations also - he slams his fist down on the ground and a huge section of the environment is deformed in the most obvious way possible, a giant Rock Wall, and Fissure causes a huge wave of fire to crawl across the map. Like… Goliath’s Fire Breath is just fire coming out of his face. The animation isn’t theatrical, but it’s obvious that there’s fire streaming out of his mouth. Most people are complaining that the attack animations are too long and obvious, because they’re not indistinct.

His visual style is very much the rock monster - he turtles up and stands his ground (his critical hitbox is kinda huge, so he takes a ton of damage, but that’s not really visual style). His melee is sometimes just a swipe with his giant arms, but sometimes it does a massive arm swing. Generic Monster melee attacks are just an arm swipe, but Behemoth’s body is big and round. I guess with the armor glow when you’re moving around quickly at close range there could be times when you can’t tell what happened if he did a simple melee attack… I never had a problem with it. vOv

If you don’t personally like his visual style that’s one thing - that’s your opinion - but these complaints are pretty exaggerated. Not everyone is gonna like a Monster design. Personally, I think Goliath’s neck looks a bit strange and I don’t like Wraith’s head, but I don’t compare these very detailed & distinctive designs to shit or trash-talk the entire design.


A lot of this is me very much not subjectively. The shit thing was actually a litteral ingame connection my brain made while gunning him on a defence run not just trash talk, prob shouldn’t have brought it up in anycase.

I’m glad you atleast looked somewhat on my side of the river. I just wish all his abilities and stuff wasn’t so samy so you only really know after the fact what hes doing. Makes it rougher to time shields or heals if you can’t tell whats happenening clearly before it does with these very bursty abilities. Rockthrow hurts like fuck but you always know it’s rockthrow before it’s in the air. Behe stares somewhere and then stuff happens just as you said.

For subtle animations they just work more clearly without as much bulk in the way. Even firebreath has sufficiant stance change tell you he used firebreath through a wall sillouette just by head and arm shifts.


I think rockwall he punches the ground with one arm with out rearing up very much and fissure he slams both down in front of him. I could be wrong though


He’s an enormous carnivorous alien monster he isn’t supposed to be “cute” like some giant puppy.


And I thought my thread was kinky.


You are right.


I myself quite like Behemoth. He is the first Monster that is truly “monstrous” and much less humanoid than the others. I’m glad for the variety.