Behemoths headshot point


Does anyone know where Behemoths headshot point is, I know is stomach is his weakpoint, but I am trying to obtain elite status with Torvald and his elite shotgun challenge is to deal 12k headshot damage, so I didn’t know if I have to shoot Behemoths stomach or his head, I assume by headshot it means a shot to the weakpoint, but I know for a fact I’ve been hitting Behemoths stomach, and I have 0 damage on my progress meter, and I’m sure I’ve hit his head to, so I don’t know what I am supposed to hit on his body for the headshot damage or if Behemoth is just bugged when it comes to headshot damage because his weakspot isn’t his head.


Interesting question.

The weakspot is on the stomach, but not sure if it’s counted as the head? Just run against a Kraken, his head is huge.


It counts as ‘headshot’ damage.


Help him out then Maddcow. ^.-
He says he’s shooting it, and not getting progression.


That’s exactly what I was thinking of doing, big target and moves pretty slow if he doesn’t have a lot of air space


It’s possible that it doesn’t count as ‘headshot’ damage. Try hitting Kraken a couple times, then go into a game with Behemoth and try again. I would assume that wording wise it isn’t counting as a ‘headshot’ because 1) His head doesn’t give bonus damage and isn’t considered any different than a body shot and 2) it’s a ‘weakspot’ and not a ‘headshot’ in regards to Behemoth. I could have sworn I got it with Behemoth though. Are you on PC? Maybe the hitbox change changed something?


No I play PS4, I’m sure it wouldn’t be to hard with Kraken, I just like playing against Behemoth because I know he will fight the longest and is really easy to hit because of his slow movement


True. I’m trying to recollect but I believe that I was able to get the headshot damage on Behemoth. If not it was against Kraken’s I’m sure. I can’t recall, it was a while ago when I elited T4. That being said, it might just not count as a headshot then.


Yeah, as soon as I get elite status with the mortars I’m switching to fighting kraken


Doesn’t for parnells elite mastery. 100% sure of that.
Wasn’t the hitbox change either, been like this before it. It does have a headshot point though, I’d assume on its head


Huh, perhaps I was mistaken then. I remember getting all the elites within the first couple days, but I can’t remember what I did for some of them :stuck_out_tongue:


I recently used Behemoth to get my elite Griff after Iost him. It worked for me.


I would assume “headshot” is just an outdated term for hitting the weakpoint.


See that is what I thought. I wonder if maybe it’s a PC thing?


I suppose so. ^.-
Weakpoints changed, so headshot is no longer a viable term to use.

I mostly considered weakpoints to be created by sniper rifles, and now Torvald. I suppose it encompasses the innate bonuses from the monster itself now?


Maybe a console bug, yeah.


I’m on pc btw


Just got elite skin, I got 900 damage from Behemoth so maybe there is a certain spot you have to hit, got the rest from kraken though, very easy target to hit, thanks guys