Behemoth's Fissure is causing crashes [PC]


This is something that has happened a lot to me lately (like 4 times now), on a random chance Behemoth would be fissuring like nobody’s business and the game freeze as his casting it.

  • The game freezes right about the time he has both hands in the air, like he just don’t care.
  • All the times this happen I was on the hunters, 2 buckets, 1 SGT, 1 WM
  • 3 times it happens online, 1 time solo
  • I play on the lowest settting of everything, res at 1000ish x 600ish because I like consistency.
  • everything set to lowest graphic setting as well.


Most of this should be cleaned up with TU09.

Speaking on TU08 stuffs…The only issue I could see with your rig is the VRAM is a bit low, and depending on what is all going on that might cause a crash. But if you’re playing on low like you said that I would assume that would not happen.