Behemoths diet plan


How and what are we gonna use for Behemoth to lose weight I mean look at this guy
we want him to go from this

to this

we need to make this happen so I need all the help we can get.


Eating other Goliaths could be a good start :smiley: Or sit on him. One or the other.


I was thinking he should start doing sit-ups lots and lots of them.


Less rock candy, chocolate lava cake and Mississippi mud pies. More corpses and souls of his unfortunate victims and lean meat. Oh, and celery, lots and lots of celery.


but that belly has to go so he must eat veggies and do sit-ups and jumping jacks.


He should probably practice leaping to get around now too. Rolling is too easy.


yeah and have him do pull-ups and have goliath as his coach.


Kraken is the best coach. Lightning whips if he does it wrong.


Do some lifts with goliaths while on Val’s Tranq and abe’s stasis, and taking a rigorous diet from wraiths.


yeah and use wraith for motivation for Behemoth.


‘‘Oh behemoth darling, we got those cabot-cakes you like!!!’’

behemoth intensifies


Then Behemoth will be put on a treadmill to chase hours and hours after those cabot-cakes.


Ok, the last thing we need to-do, is avoid the blue color, or else we will have a second ‘‘gotta go fast’’ running around.


this what would happen if behemoth became the second gotta go fast


Less fur, more rock, you got it spot on, and no shoes, megamouths.


Now we must force behemoth to watch motivational tapes by sonic for exercising.


Wait a minute, won’t behemoth be OP if he keeps his stats after his weight loss ?


Behemoth needs a giant hamster wheel to exercise.


OMG, the biggest hamster-powered PC in the world !!!

Making people lag out since 2015.


YES AND HE can loose wait at the same time too!