Behemoth's Breathing


Any one else find it very relaxing listen to behemoths breathing when he’s idly standing still? Just noticed it today while waiting for health regen for the dreaded relay fight. Really love it, complements to the staff.


I sniff as much as possible because I love the sound the Kraken makes. :kraken_stare:


Yea it’s real soothing. But when I was playing slim, and heard behemoth evolve, that is the single most terrifying roar in the game


btw am i the only one who noticed that sniffing is WAY WAY WAY easier to ehar as hunter?

i mean i could hear golaiths sniff sniff from 30 meters


I love that roar. Despite everything we know about Behemoth, that roar still gets to me. I kind of wish the other monsters, including Goliath, had a deeper, bass-ier evolution sound, and maybe one that was so loud that it played with no central location. Though still need a direction in which to look after it though.


I actually find behemoth roar kinda cute. Dunno why, I’m weird I know haha. Still I really like it his roar.

I think every monsters roar suits them very well, they did good work on the sounds in this game.


Behemoth’s roar really suits to it. It’s like a shovel loader dropped a ton of rocks on top of a lion pack.