Behemoth with hunters on pillars


Found out after playing against a half premade team that Behemoth’s 3 point wall works well against the pillar tactic. I was stage 3 with less than half health with full armor, and when I went for the relay, the hunters were all on a pillar. This was a pretty good team too, and I didn’t think I could win. I carried on with the lava bombs, but all they did just jump back and fourth being healed, but while they were in mid air, I bothered to aim a rock wall at a pillar, and to my surprise, the wall made contact with the hunter, comboing with the lava bomb. I finished with a sneak attack, I managed to take out 3 hunters this way, and the last one I blocked off with a rock wall and lava bombed her. That was Val. Oh, the team composed of Val, Sunny, Hyde, and maggie. So for any behemoth’s out there, when you can’t reach a hunter, try a rock wall right after the lava bomb. Not sure how reliable it is, since rock wall is kind of buggy, but when it works, it works well. ha.


You could also use toungue grab, and if push comes to shove, climb up.

But if rock wall work for you, then I guess that’s cool. :wink:


Pillar jumping with a Behemoth is fun. ^.^


Yes, tongue grab works too, but I was curious to see how rock wall worked against the tactic. Rock wall also does more damage than the tongue grab, so when you reach the hunter, it’s an easy down. Those skinny pillars near the relay in Fusion Plant are hard to climb. Behemoth just falls when you get to the top of them. It’s best to knock down the hunters somehow and use the your advantage.


Behemoth really does have hard a hard time climbing and reaching people though. I had to think about how to reach hunters in certain parts of the maps where I was domed. A lot of the time I had to fine a stairway or a ramp. I wish they would Behemoth a rear-up ability so he could stand on two legs for a short amount of time, that way he could reach the wall a foot on top him and climb it. It was pretty satisfying people the hunters using the pillar tactic. I am not sure if it will work as good again though.


I thought it was the general consensus that level 3 Rock Wall was essential. The only move I have issues deciding whether to go level 2 or 3 is Tongue Grab. That is usually map specific.

Rock Wall is the best way to deal good damage while not taking very much at all. Another good tactic is to climb the wall while the hunters are trying to climb it so you can hit them with several melee attacks in air. You can also avoid Gas and Spore if you climb it up all the way.


I feel most people have the rock wall, but won’t think to use it for it damage. Also, since it is buggy, a lot of people seem to be discouraged from using it. I usually don’t grab tongue grab till stage 3, but there are times where I regret it. I often miss with the tongue though, so like you, it is difficult to decide to invest in the skill or not. Sunny’s jetpack boosting is really frustrating when you don’t have tongue grab. Though, you always just rock wall the person your focusing to prevent the boosting from happening too. Rather than climb the wall, I just lava bomb it if the hunters decide to climb it. Lava bomb is pretty good for punishing hunters who climb walls in general.


Well my Behemoth build follows as
-Movement speed perk
-Stage One: 2 Wall, 1 Fissure or 1 Lava (usually lava but I want to do all elite challenges)
-Stage Two: 3 Wall, 2 Fissure or Lava and 1 Tongue grab
-Stage Three: (3 Wall, 2 Fissure 2 Tongue and 2 Lava), or (3 Wall, 3 Tongue, 2 Lava, 1 Fissure)

Tongue grab levels vary because some maps have crappy relay spots for Behemoth and you need max range on tongue while others are close quarters and 2 is long enough.

3 tongue should usually be taken when you see Sunny.


On one of the acid maps where the big cargo ship is on a heli pad near the relay. i was playing a bot monster as hank with some people on evac and the monster couldn’t climb up i could fly up with a full jetpack and shield my teammates the behemoth bot was unable to attack me until he backed away and lava bombed and by the time it reached me i usually had time to jump away