Behemoth win rate/opinions


So i’m curious what his win% is atm, I can’t imagine it to be very high tho :smiley: I would like to make this thread to see what everyone thinks of him.

I know the monster is just fresh out of the gate and we need to get experience with him (obviously). But I just seem to feel that he goes down SOOOOO fast. Played a good 20 games today and I have yet to be defeaten by a single Behemoth (and it’s not even close by a looooong shot). And I do feel this when I play him myself. It’s so so so soooo much harder to put up a decent fight with him, compared to goliath. The armor just doesn’t compromise enough compared to the fact that almost everything the hunters shoot hits you 100% because you are so fucking fat lol :smiley: His attacks are also very slow, giving him even more openings to the hunters and making that weak spot even more vornreable.

I think my own winrate with him is around 60%(against pugs), played like 8games so it’s all still very early I KNOW :smiley: I’m not whining NERF or BUFF. But for the most beefcake monster of them all, he seems to go down the fastest :frowning: And i’m not talking stage1 domes ofcourse. And I don’t really see a way to counter this. You don’t have mobility so you can’t dodge or run in a fight, so you need to soak it up. But the soaking is to limited imo ?

I dunno :smiley: something just doesn’t feel right with him atm.

Any toughts?


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