Behemoth White Opal Skin Pitch


I don’t think they’ll be doing mostly black skins, they said in the dev stream that Behemoth originally had a black lava-rock texture and it was to dark, to easy for him to hide.


Behemoth? Too easy to hide with, because of a skin? He’s the size or a cliff side. That makes no sense.

So they release skins, that are green; and camouflage in bushes… Then they don’t release a black skin, because it would camouflage too much? I don’t get their reasoning, they contradict themselves.


Don’t ask me, they said it in the official stream. Not that he can easily hide but more like it would be a lot harder to spot him at a distance if he is solid black I assume.


That’s racist.



Might just be. :laughing:

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Looks more like silver or something.


Yeah, in order to do a legit crystal, I’d need an image where his stones are translucent.





Why u believe the obsidian skin is being made?


He was orgibally much darker but it was too hard for the hunters to spot him


I imagine that would be great. :wink:

He’s so damn large, only a bad hunter wouldn’t spot him. ^.^

Gotta gear it toward later game play, not starting. People learn much better the hard way, than the easy way. I learned that lesson the hard way. ^.-

I mean honestly, what would be hard about spotting a gigantic pitch black boulder, that glows orange? :smile:


I love u shin


I love me too. ^.-


Ur so pretentious


I try, I try.


I want a amethyst Skin for behemoth


Amethyst’s are pretty, wouldn’t be terrible.



Something like this,_South_Africa.jpg