Behemoth wall still breaking


ever since the patch that supposedly “fixed” the problem where behemoths wall doesnt break, it has broken a lot more for me. its only the center though, the sides of it still come up, but the center never does


Join the club, there’s plenty other problems with the game itself. /quit /ggnore


They didn’t fix it and I never saw them saying they wanted to fix it o_o


This is a bug but most Behemoth players have already recognized the spots where it will always come up clean. Really aim the wall so it is far enough away from you and do not put it on ledges. It should honestly never break if you do that. I have over 100 wins as Behemoth and after i realized that that was the reason the wall broke I adjusted and it hasn’t happened since early on.


^ This guy knows how it works


It’s become clear to me that Behemoth is broken and there are no plans to actually fix him.


Show me where in the patch notes it says the wall doesn’t break, and I’ll actually listen to what any of you have to say, okay? Okay.


The only broken monster is Kraken, all the rest are perfectly fine. I’m sorry but its probably cause you’re bad with him. I’m getting tired of everyone saying hes broken an un-fixable but in reality its the players.


So im bad bc the wall doesn’t come up, yea ok perfect sense, cant argue with that logic, i came here to report a bug i was having and you try to trash my skill, why?


because 90% of the people on here are glorified douchebags


So you then


im a 1 percenter. Intellectual


I was tryna defend you and ur gonna say dat damn sun


I realize you weren’t the original poster who was saying im bad, oops I apologize

I didn’t look at your name when you replied to mine and I assume you meant me, so again my bad and I apologize


I’m not trashing your skill. I mean if the shoe fits, where it. The guy at the top said himself an hes right, that you indeed have to aim out an then send it up. You also are better than me with certain playable characters an it works the same in the other way too. SO before you get all mad about how I “trashed your ‘skill’”, practice with him first an take others advice. Just because you don’t understand how to play him the correct way.



If you win with Behemoth it’s because the hunters are terrible. You should never be getting to stage 2 with Behemoth against even remotely decent hunters.

Nobody said he’s unfixable but he is terrible. And TRS agrees which is why he is getting fairly significant buffs.


I have Behemoth elite. yesterday, I won a match against some decent scrubs as a stage 3. It takes SKILL to win, don’t mean to rub y’all the wrong way but just picking one an attacking isn’t skill. I watched my map, chose each turn to where I wanted to evolve an eat. Yeah, they caught up with me but I held my own an rolled away. And to think this all started about I called a kid out about how he needs to complaining. Yall got mad cause you wanna jump on the wagon. Watch videos, watch MY videos. He’s perfectly fine, nothing is wrong with him. He takes big hits but throws bigger hits back. His wall that ‘breaks’, is because (as statement to guy at the top who said it first) is because you’re throwing it to close to his feet, its used as defense that blocks people, aim farther out and it will work. Soooo, quit complaining about how hes broke since both of you are scrubs. @BehemothKing Just shut up dude, you’re so stuck up calling yourself intellectual, this is a place to discuss things, not brag about yourself.


speaks for itself @NoMoHatinPS4


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