Behemoth vs. Goliath


who would win?!


Now THAT would be a good fight. :wink: Goliath’s agility vs Behemoth’s power. Hit like a butterfly, sting like a bee?


Behemoth sure look strong, but his lava bombs got nothing on Rock Throw.
Rock Throw is love, Rock Throw is life.


Based on what we know from the paper…

I think Goliath would win in the open. It’s fast enough to prevent being hit by Lava mortars.
It will also need to stay away from the tongue grab ability from Behemoth.
Since Behemoth has more Armor and health, it will be better and safer for Goliath to do a Projectile contest with Behemoth.


Depends… Does Goliath have enough strength to carry Behemoth in ball mode, and to throw him away ? x)


We know that Behemoth wieghts something like 2,5 Moaï heads… Average Moaï’s head is 14 tons… so 35 Tons…

(but the heaviest weights 80, so it could also be 200 Tons xD)


It’s a matter of Stage you know x)


While Goliath has agility, Behemoth has the tongue and rock wall to keep Goliath locked down


As I said, Goliath needs to keep his distance.


I don’t think Behemoth can drag Goliath with its tongue …!


Sadly, I think Behemoth outclasses Goliath in all regards except for speed and agility. Pretty sure Behemoth could probably take on each of the other monsters, maybe even all at once. Unless I’m drastically overstating it, from his description he sounds like he hits harder than Goliath and takes more pain, but is slower.

However, if Goliath plays it smart (And has cooldown reduction) he could utilize his rock throw and fire breath. So actually, it might be more even than I thought.

I say it’s 4/6 where the 4 is Goliath and 6 is Behemoth.


Guess that means we need a Monster vs Monster mode.


HECK Yes !

or a Monster VS Monster VS Hunters !
where 2 monsters dispute to claim territory, and hunters interfere…


I think it would end in stalemate but more in Goliath’s favor in some cases. Goliath would abuse his agility to avoid Behemoths tounge and climb over his wall. Goliath would then resort to just tossing boulders and flame breath. Since Behemoth is melee only, all Goliath has to do is out-range him; and if Behemoth tries to flee, Goliath s can always catch up.

But the fight may last forever for Behemoths armor and such, and the possibility of cutting it too close.


Take a guess who the big one on the ground is :wink:


I hope there’s a monster fight custom game mode. I don’t expect any balance work is being done for monster versus monster, but I figure that if each monster is balanced against 4 hunters they can’t be TOO out of whack.


…anyway at the end, Daisy wins. She planned all.


Idk i think there are some modes they could maybe add and just say “screw the balance” and have them be just for kicks.

Ie. Read: Monster vs monster/ Hunters / Hunters lol


By the way… Does anyone think of a new Goliath ability : BEHEMOTH THROW ?!