Behemoth vs Doomsday

Fight to the death, no morals, and Behemoth is Stage 3 with everything except tongue grab maxed out

Behemoth, because he’s cooler. :wink:

The truth right here. PREACH IT!

Behemoth hands down, just look at him haha

Behemoth, because I don’t read DC comics. :smile:

I don’t know, Doomsday has said that he will destroy us all, and with superman incapacitated, it would happen.

I am not a DC comic fan (raised on Marvel), but Doomsday is a bad ass. I am not sure would be a good fight.

Doomsday is immortal and the only villian to successfully kill superman. By association… Behemoth KILLED SUPERMAN!!!

doomsday obviously…he is immortal pretty much. thing about him is you can’t kill him in any normal way and if you did kill him say with a death star beam. when he come back after regenerating, the death star beam wont kill him cause he became immune to it. so even if brohemoth kills him once, he wont be able to do it again… which is so sad cause i love brohemoth and i want him to beat the shit out of doomsday!

But if it was Brohemoth vs super man, def brohemoth cause all he needs to do is replace his rock armor with kryptonite :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

In all fairness Doomseday would make behemoth his pet. Doomsday killed superman so I don’t thing Behemoth really poses a threat

Kind of unfair combatants here. To be honest, a Behemoth might kill Doomsday once, but then Doomsday can’t be killed by another Behemoth again.

Also @BLK_OBLIVION (don’t tell anyone, but the green skin isn’t made of jade :wink:)

Yeah, we all know it’s emerald. :wink:

Kryptonite Behemoth? ^.-

I love Behemoth but I feel like Doomsday would probably win as he’s roughly as strong with much more mobility

Behemoth can make stone walls pop up out of nowhere, open up fissures in the planet. He can spew lava, and pick people up with his tongue. ^.-

4 humans can kill behemoth. Doomsday day would literally just rip behemoths guts out. No Contest.

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1 monster apparently kills off entire colonies. ^.-

Doomsday can destroy cities. He would make the evolve Hunters seem like powerless children! I don’t even like doomsday or superman much but Shear wouldve been a wasteland a long time ago if he was there.

Kraken would win. ^.-
He can’t counter flight. If we ever get a psionic monster monster, that would counter him as well.