Behemoth Versus Griffin


I played this game as behemoth, and I think I got lucky because I recognized that this griffin was not going to let me get away from him. So I engaged and won before I lost too much health trying to run.

Well, this inspired me to play griffin against behemoth to see if I could perma-harpoon him, and well, I personally kept that behemoth within 40 meters at all times once we found it. With my reload perk and sunny’s boosts, that behemoth was going nowhere. Rockwall would maybe delay the next shot, but often times, sunny could get me over the top to make another shot.

So I want to know, how can a behemoth escape the harpoons? I could not see any counter to this other than fight. Especially when behemoth is so slow already and his traversals take so much energy to go nowhere when he gets harpooned. I really wonder if this is broken against Behemoth as he has no dodge ability and is so slow to move. I could harpoon him, and as he is turning to break it, disengage it, then by the time he turns around to run again, harpoon, rinse, repeat.

I want to be able to play Behemoth against Griffin without having to make a stand once they find me. Any tips?


Down griffin when he’s boosted ahead.


Lol, sure, simple. Problem is that he is not alone. Harpoon makes behemoth so slow that the entire team can stay on him. Sunny only is needed to boost above the rock wall and keep that harpoon going.

Like I said, only counter I know is to engage and not run. I want to know if there are other options and this should not be the only one.


You aren’t suppose to beat him.
His hat has too much power.


Put a rockwall between grif and the rest of the team and down him. Fighting or running are the only 2 options you have as any monster, so I don’t know why you’re looking for some magical way to win


rock wall isn’t the only thing you can use to get them off your tail. lava bomb and fissure’s knockback force them to use up their jetpack. break LoS and hit them with fissures. climb when out of LoS to keep griffin from denying that. cooldown reduction and speed boost are good perks to have.

TLDR: run and throw attacks over your shoulder.


This is gonna suck but, you can’t. A solid Griffin ALONE will cause you grief, coupling that with a somewhat decent Sunny is gonna cause you a loss. There’s no way around it besides praying they miss alot. The strat relies on you wasting your stamina, and dam well does that work too.

If they are good, no amount of juking or running into situational caves will help you.


This is what I was afraid of. I can manage to get away usually from a good griffin with goliath, but he has leaps and charges and can climb really fast. But Behemoth is just too big and slow to compete against a poonspam griffin it seems. Just stay and fight


When ever i can’t shake the hunters off my trail I run towards Elite Wild Life. Once i pass the Elite Wildlife i choose to either run while they’re distracted, rock wall and force them to fight the wildlife, or fight while the wild life causes indirect damage to hunters. I usually fight near Nomads or Sloths. If your not stage 2 and battle ready by the time the hunters dome you then Behemoth isn’t the role for you.


As it is right now, Griffin totally owns Behemoth.

I’d love to see a change where it only slows the Behemoth down to almost a halt, then breaks automatically due to the super heavy nature of Behemoth. That wouldn’t force the behemoth out of the rolling every time to waste traversals by going out of/in to ball form several times.


Whenever I find myself in this situation as behemoth, I’ve always found its easiest to smack Griffin down. To do this, first take no points in rock wall. It’s far too buggy and situational to ever warrant points in it. Full lava bomb or fissures and you can figure out how to down him quick, just have to try. They’re very rarely going to be able to dodge your attacks after chasing the whole time.

More often then not, the Griffin ends up starting the drop ship timer before I’m fully armored to fight at stage two.


Shooting at Behemoth is as easy as shooting a wall.

You just have to use your rock wall as a sacrifice.


I and others have tried. The issue is A) anyone can get over the wall with full jetpack and B) Sunny.

I always take rockwall. I have never played Behemoth without it. Maybe you are right. Maybe that is the big issue. It does not make me more combat ready to have 1 or 2 points in it. I am going to try this, since it seems that you just have to fight, and wasting a point or 2 in this skill is not benefiting me at all. Great idea! Thanks man. I am going to try this now.


In all honesty a Griff/Sunny/Val combo can’t be escaped from. Not for a very long time, and without a lot of effort.


I’m 41 and 10 with Behemoth. Or close to that. I rarely ever go to stage 2. Armor up at 1, go find hunters. He’s best played aggressively.


What skills do you use usually? 1 lvl 3 skill? lvl 2 and 1?


Lava bomb three points. Damage perk. Try it. Armor up at stage one and go get domed. He’s murderous.


I cant find teams that cant dodge anymore. As a hunter i csn dodge lava bomb ez. I guess theyre finally putting me with experienced players cause i do have to work for my monster wins right now.


I just bludgeon them into a corner then lava bomb.


the ironic thing is all the trappers but Maggie can almost completely walk a monster with or without sunny