Behemoth versus Coordinated teams


So, I’ve been struggling hardcore against coordinated teams, especially ones with wasteland maggie as their trapper. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how I could play better as Behemoth. I start with 3 in fissure and with the damage increase perk, and I can’t even make it to stage two before they catch me and kill me. If anyone could give me tips and tactics that would be appreciated.


@Torvald_Stavig is your man.


My Behemoth is pretty Rusty, but I do know a really lot about strategies for him.

I still take tongue grab, fissure, and lava bomb at stage one for combining capabilities, but since Sunny Val, you really need to mitigate in stage one domes.


I’ve been trying behemoth recently (used to be strictly goliath, but he’s frustrating sometimes)

I struggle with relay fights, so I’d appreciate other peoples input as well, but I think 3 fissure right off the bat is a mistake. I usually go 1 fissure, 1 rock wall, then 1 in either tongue or lava bomb. You’ll need more abilities to mitigate.


So would you say I should use lava bomb as area denial if they dome me at stage one? Or take rock wall and tongue grab to kite the trapper if I’m domed?


I tend to go 2 rockwall (for quick escapes) and 1 fissure (for culling wildlife). Stage 2 I bump up to 2 fissure, 2 lavabomb and 2 rockwall. Stage 3 I go 3 Fissure, 3 Lavabomb, 2 rockwall and 1 tonguegrab.


You rang? :3


3 in fissure!?!?!?

Bro do yourself a favor as monster

Don’t ever… EVER go 3 anything in a stage 1 fight unless your just having fun/trolling/or experimenting and planning to use

My suggested starting ability spread

2 lava bomb 1 fissure (For attacking hunters while kiting)

2 tongue grab 1 fissure/lava bomb/rock wall (For singling out hunters for early downs when their out of position)

2 Fissure 1 tongue grab/lava bomb (For early engages with the hunters when you plan to just duke it out in the open)

Good perks:
Climb speed (increases overall speed and eliminates one of Bobs biggest frustrating factors)

Dmg resistance (makes him the tank he was meant to be)

Reload spd (more abilities… Duh)


Well, every Behemoth player approaches things differently (every monster is like that but Bob especially) first, that’s your first problem…yes, he is a strong monster but at stage one you still need some type of defense. Going three into fissure gives you nothing but offense and if you don’t connect it you have nothing to fall back on.
I’m not going to go into my build but damage perk is what I choose as well–he benefits from it a lot.

I suggest putting one point into RW at stage one just to give you some type of cover. (One point in though allows you to feed, BUT the hunters can just walk around it…so keep it close like a shield.)
If you still want fissure, two points is still good and it can move along your wall as well so they won’t see it coming.

The biggest thing when playing as him, constantly move…so many behemoth players just stand around >_< even during combat they’ll just walk…you gotta roll when possible, both for damage and the increase in speed.

Also, behemoth is about combos like all other monsters but he (and Gorgon) control the field a whole lot easier than everyone else…with that being said, you have to zone with him and make it as hard for the hunters to get around as possible.

Practice, practice, practice…look at your gameplay see what you did right and wrong, do customs with SKILLED players to improve…if you go against people that aren’t really up to par that won’t help you because you’ll just wipe them. Sometimes it’s best to lose.

Early on, go for the larger meats…ones that’ll give you 3 or 4 when possible. If not, try to herd as many smaller ones as you can together and have a buffet. With stage one as well, stay in areas where the hunters will be afraid to fight you (caves, places with minimal elevation, etc.) even if you aren’t GOING to fight them, it’s a good bluff because they’ll be concerned.

That’s all I really feel like typing lol so take with that what you will. Bob is my number one monster and I beat high silver/gold teams so I have a little experience :wink:

Edit: if you really use your abilities and don’t always connect, CDR is also good. Especially with lava bomb, by the time one is just starting to finish you can throw another one down.


When we speak of sunny we should speak with hope, my child… For the glorious nerf hammer has fallen down upon her in its wrath and power

May the behemoths shine strong through this one and finally become the bane of beam teams everywhere

#Let us rejoice


Thanks for the advice guys, I’ll make sure to put this to practice.


Like most said. I’d also consider a different perk - damage isn’t a huge issue on Bob, and I see a lot of people with traversal, feeding speed, or cooldown reduction.


A strategy that has been working for me lately is to not even try to make it to lvl 2 before the first dome I start with 2 fissure and one lava bomb and the increased damage perk. Sometimes I do all three in fissure. Doesn’t matter who the trapper is for me when I do this strategy.

Most hunters think you’ll keep running until they catch you. What I’ve been doing is rolling as far as I can to get food until I’m at full armor, leaving a trail for them to follow. Then I find the most advantageous spot, and I wait. You gotta work the corners (giggity). Here’s what I do. Once I see them coming toward the corner I’m hiding around, I ready the lava bomb. I time the shot so it hits then right as they round the corner. Then I roll in until I hit someone, follow up with a heavy hit, then fissure. If all goes well, I usually end up downing someone off that. If you just do 3 fissure at the start, is still the same, just without the lava bomb to start. Unless they have Laz, I usually go straight for trapper or daisy.

Now hopefully you can get one or two downs including the trapper before your armor is gone, or with minimum health loss. Once you’ve done the damage, you should have a full trav meter to get to the other side of the map and feast away.

So obviously allot of things can cause some slight changes to this strategy, but that’s the basics of it. The reason why I like this strategy is because #1 They don’t expect it, and surprise is everything with this game. #2 YOU get to pick where the dome drops. Which is probably more important for Behemoth than any other monster. Keep them in tight closed spaces with as much flat terrain as you can. Some maps are harder than others to do this.

This strategy is risky, but it’s been working for me. Hopefully it points you in the right direction.


I think you mean ‘nerf hammer’ :smiley_cat:


On a big map, take movespeed. Especially ones with big straightaways like armory or refueling tower. On small ones, take damage increase or CDR. You’re going to have to fight on smaller maps, its a fact of life.

Abilities - 1 fissure, 1 tongue, 1 wall
-Only go for downs if you have to, these are the best abilities for getting a down.

Abilities - 3 tongue, 1 wall, 2 fissure or 1 fissure/1 lava (depending on hunters)
-Again the idea is downs over kills. I take lava against comps where I need fire for cloak or the extra ability for deployables. I also take it against RV to keep her on the body. Lava bomb isn’t that great for dealing damage to competent hunters unless they are already down.

Abilities - At least 3 in tongue, 2 in rock wall, 2 in fissure, and 1 in lava. The last point depends on the relay and the hunters. Against a chase comp on the right relay I will take 3 rock wall as in my eyes you have already failed if you havent killed a behemoth by now. I’ll take 3 in fissure when the relay has lots of elevation or I need burst. I’ll take 2 in lava against a comp with lots of deployables or RV/Laz.


The trick is

If you tongue a hunter, quickly put a wall up to cut off the other hunter and leave the one alone. Then you can fissure, see the other 3 hunters can’t see were the fissure will go because of the wall. Usually you can get both, the trapped hunter, and someone else, then quickly lava bomb. Usually the hunter will be out of jetpack fuel to get out.


Never start with three point in one ability; no matter what Monster you are. This guarantees you won’t get a down against a coordinated team, your hoping that Fissure alone, plus Melee hits and roll damage will get a strike, and it’s not enough.

Tongue Grab is a great move for starting combos, and the easiest way to guarantee a strike if you land one of Bob’s deadly combos. But stage one you need to mitigate, make sure you have Rock Wall to keep Hunter’s away from you in a dome, Fissure is good but you need utility. Having only one move cripples you.


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