Behemoth variation idea, please give opinions ;)


This is my idea of a behemoth variation that would be a cool stealth/ non stealth for behemoth, as well as strategie. Behemoth will be a huge lava monster that glows and moves fast, but if moving slowly, he glows less and gets amour faster. When rolling it collects debris and gets armour fast. But when it stops rolling it moves very slowly. When it’s covered in rock it doesn’t have much menuverabillitie and ability power, but very strong melee. More its armour pool is smaller the faster it gets, and more powerfull it’s abilities get, but weak melee. If it stays still, it looks nothing more then a boulder, like a rock toad, it’s stealth pounce is stronger then in its other forms. That my opinion on a part of him. Please give on opinion please, and what do you think the abillity changes this behemoth will get with this variation. I don’t have a clue. Have fun with this. :wink:


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