Behemoth Variant Concept (Water Element)


Bobber Behemoth

Lava Surge replaced with "Whirl Pool"
Launches a collection of water from his mouth, slowing hunters in an area, gradually pulling them to the center of their droplets.

Fissure replaced with "Torrent"
Summons a wave of water, that pushes hunters into the air, and Into the behemoths direction. Same as fissure, line and torrents come out of the ground.

Tongue Grab Replaced with "Hydro Blast"
Creates a Surge of water, that shoots from Behemoth, towards the hunter. Deals large damage on impact and knocks hunters backwards.

Rock Wall replaced with Ice Wall.
Summons a Wall of Ice that applies a Frost Dot when touched. Carries properties of Rock wall with the Ice Dot. Ice wall lasts longer than Rock wall, but hunters can destroy it.

Punch Card unlocks for October

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