Behemoth update


Was just wondering if the next tier of hunters is coming with it?


Most likely, nothing confirmed yet.


Well wraith came with tier 3 hunters so probably


But we have heard much more about behemoth than the hunters, so maybe not


But doesn’t mean. There not all being worked on at same time for simultaneous release. :open_mouth:


Well technically the wraith and tier three hunters just came on disc… and they are advertised separately… but I will happily pay for both :slight_smile:


A recent post by @MacMan seemed to imply that the Behemoth, 4th set of hunters, a new gamemode and new maps will all come in a single update.

Edit: this post


We can only hope that they will all be together. ;o


I\m pretty sure Behemoth comes alone.


Well it might come next month, but who knows? They’ve got so much to fix right now so it might take longer than originally expected.


I would much rather they release the stuff in the order on what got the most balancing and testing and so on, like for example, behemoth gets released in mid march, then the gamemode and maps late march, and the hunters somewhat early april.


No, that’s not what he’s saying at all. It’s a bit impractical to think they would release Behemoth + all four hunters all at once. I’m almost certain they will be released individually


I think Behemoth is more likey to be released indivdually cause otherwise he would be on the seasons pass with the t4 hunters which he is not


It would make a lot more sense to release it as a whole t4


Really would like some new content soon, feel like after about 110 hours I’ve done everything.


He’s pretty much done though and for all we know the T4 hunters could barely be more then the silhouettes in terms of development.

Obviously that is just a theory and likely isn’t true but you never know


Macman stated in a thread they’re being balanced and tutorial recording so they’re pretty far


Can’t wait for them to be released, Matt has stated that he’ll release new stories of 2 of the new hunters when they have been announced.


Well thank you for the heads up :slight_smile:

I was unaware of this but if they still have a while to go through balancing if Behemoths development is any indication