Behemoth, unique weakness?


Ok, so i was thinking about the popular theory of Behemoth being a lava based monster. Well if that’s the case, would he be injured/steam by going into water?


No because that just wouldn’t be fair, a Monster needs to get in the water to mask it’s footprints!


I think that, if he’s going to have any lava stuff, he’s going to be lava-themed, not actually made of lava.


I just want one monster that makes steam!


For Behemoth to have such a disadvantage it would need to an advantage elsewhere. Would probably be pretty hard/near impossible to balance, he’d either be underplayed, or overplayed because of it, and certain maps would be ridiculous for him to play on


Well there are steamadons.

Anyway I thought it would be interesting if the Behemoth was unable to sneak. It would however have the most armor and health.


in some ways he would have the best stealth if he’s rocky somehow


Eeeh. Maybe? I don’t know how much I like monsters that stray THAT dramatically from the basic elements. I want something different, certainly, but not to a ludicrous extent.


The behemoth is supposed to be 3 times bigger than Goliath. How are you going to sneak effectively?


No he isn’t. He’s the same height, but twice as wide.
Not even close to THREE times Goliath’s size. So yes, I can see him sneaking- not leaving footprints, that is- but not pulling off any Assassin’s Creed- esque “hide in plain sight” jukes.


But wouldn’t it be hilarious to walk inbetween a group of nuns as behemoth and just… walk past the hunters?


You’re right I just saw the picture again. I just think it would be an interesting concept.


It would, I agree. Apologies if I sounded harsh- it was never my intention to do so.



You understand me so well


It looks quite lumbering from the outline, I’m wondering if it has the mobility to escape from the hunters as well as the other monsters? The game does seem to be built around the concept of several short engagements interrupted by periods of hunting so I am assuming that pattern continues.

Perhaps it has some special movement power that belies its shape or perhaps some other mechanic to make up for it? Maybe it gets hotter and hotter while in combat, becoming more deadly which encourages the hunters to break off?


Behemoth is probably not a Lava monster, as that would require reusing the bioluminescence from Goliath in order for his element to match his Bioluminescence.

He’ll probably be either earth or acid.


I think its movement ability will be burrowing- TRS said it would be in another monster, it fits his earthish theme and frankly its the only way I can see a creature of that size moving quickly.


Did they say it will be on another monster definitively? I can definitely see it making sense and it would be pretty cool.

Burrowing could be tricky to implement though. I imagine it would have to be a series of “underground jumps” rather than free form movement because you wouldn’t know where to go. But there would still be plenty of questions like how it would work with differing elevations, can you go through/under walls, can you burrow into indoor areas, what graphical effects are there around where it burrows and emerges and are they different for different surfaces etc.

If Turtle rock does do it I will be very interested to see how it works.


I think it would he cool if a monster had an ability similar to the “megamouth”
partially burying itself to resemble a boulder,and sit and wait for its prey in an ambush(for the more patient players,of course)