Behemoth Unavailable in PS Store


Heya, I have a preorder code registered on my PSN account for the Savage Goliath Skin and Monster Expansion Pack. It’s a valid code (I’m able to use Savage Goliath), however, in the PS Store, Behemoth says “Unavailable.” He’s there and it’s not charging me the $15 even, I’m not able able to do anything with him.

Are others on PS4 able to play him? Thanks in advanced for any help!

Also, one last thing, I see the Savage Goliath skin now available, but I don’t see Savage Kraken or Wraith. Are they available in the PS Store yet?


I’m on PS4 and I preordered and I’ve been running Behemoth for three days. Are you saying when you’re in game and you scroll through to select a monster, Behemoth is not there?

Also, the savage skins should be available through the in-game store. Try that and see if you see them. The PSN doesn’t have nearly the amount of stuff as the in-game store does. Not sure why.


As in, I haven’t been able to even download Behemoth. I see him in the store but instead of a price or saying “free” like it usually does for prepaid dlc it just says “unavailable.” Looking at the store online right now it shows the price, but once I log in it looks like this:

If I try to add it to my cart and then sign in it tells me I’m not eligible to purchase this content. Edit: It does acknowledge that I have purchased the Monster Expansion Pack but I have no way to download him with it saying “unavailable.”

I will check the in game store again after work for the Savage Skins to see if I have any more luck. Are they all set up as individual skins for $2.99 each?


Hey. Well, i have sort of the same problem-ish.?!
I pre ordered the Deluxe edition from tje playstation store, within the given time it said i would get the 4 future monster for free… 2-3 days before release, i get a notification on my ps4, saying i would get a email from sony, saying the ore order has been cancelled. But the notification also said, that i should disregard that message, because everything was fine and paid for… Well. I noticed, that the “deluxe pre order” had dissapeared from my ps4 labriary, and a regular Evolve had taken it’s place. Didn’t think to much about it though. The day came when Evolve could be downloaded from the ps store. And i got my pre order skins, and my hunters season pass. All was well… Now the 4 new hunters hit the store, plus the 4th monster.!! Sweet.!! Only problem is. The 4 new hunters were free (of course), but the Behemoth monster isn’t.? Wth.? It ask full price on Behemoth in the ps store? But when i load up Evolve, and check the store from in-game, it said “purchased”?? How can this be fixed? Someone please respond.! I already tried the Renew Licenses from the settings menu on my ps4. Didn’t help…


I ended up restarting my PS4 after the patch finished and Behemoth showed up in my monster options. Seems he downloaded with the patch. Maybe look and see if you’re able to play him.