Behemoth traversal spam


Hooray for patch drop!

Sadly Behemoth has shipped with a pretty game-destroying bug.

Easily reproducible.

Enter traversal with the intent to do damage.
Immediately melee to cancel traversal.

Would like some chime ins here for others reproducing / experiencing.

But as of now you can sit on top of an incapped hunter and kill them outright in seconds, or incap a hunter in the first place with just the on-hit damage from rolling into a hunter.


Yeah there have been a few topics regarding this, Behemoth’s melee --> roll --> heavy melee --> roll --> melee --> heavy melee spam is pretty destructive and will tear up a Hunter in no time. His abilities seem lackluster compared to it. Not only will it keep causing knockback on a Hunter but the roll gives him a little motion forward so that he’ll stay on top of them.


He’s out?  


I imagine this is nothing new, but I wanted a thread in the bugs section.

The sooner it’s seen the sooner it’s patched.

It’s easy to abuse and will be all over the ladder.

Yes, the patch has dropped, all tier 4 hunters and behemoth are currently playable.


Isn’t it a day early?
hmm. Oh well
sooner is better! :smiley:


yep thats what everyone did on streams prerelease


Only way Behemoth is viable. It’s necessary.


I think its fine really, however like pounce it should have some sort of cooldown, i like using it in the middle of battle.


Unless they touch upon his ability speed and hitbox crit size, no.


As predicted this works really well against walls, unfortunately heavy attack also means heavy knockback so that kinda defeats the purpose.


ah this.

Clever use of game mechanics


It’s Behemoth’s kind and gentle way of saying BACK THE FUCK UP MOTHERFUCKER OR ONE OF US GONNA DIE AND I’M MADE OUT OF LAVA.


No healer can actually heal through the damage, and you can abuse it to eat through hank and assault shields very fast.

There is little point using your abilities when you can simply stage 1 the team with this.

If this is the intended behaviour I’m surprised, but I consider it a bug, and I’ve played against it a few times in matchmaking; it’s pretty devastating.


He is melee focused, his powers are all as much CC and denial as they are for damage, only fissure deals respectable damage on the scale of leap smash, and none of his powers can do what rock throw, warp blast, or lightning do.

He has huge dps, but lacks burst, meaning he has to be able to overpower any healing and shields through sustained damage.

He does ~40% more damage with his fists than the other monsters, and has a high heavy melee priority. Being able to use heavy hits reliably is a necessary thing for him


I think a video or gif might be necessary to actually demonstrate what I mean.

It isn’t just a behemoth only using roll and melee, it’s a behemoth using it multiple times a second for insane damage.


You mean the uh, split-second spam in a single frame?

That makes more sense,

Just fix it so it takes a second or so before you can reball and re-melee. It’s viable, but obviously shouldn’t be like that.

A slight forced delay in melee-reball-melee would probably fix this. No more than a few split seconds though.


Yeah, there is an obvious animation delay when rolling before you can stop rolling again, but melee lets you break straight out of it.

Rinse, repeat, rely on the roll damage.

Basically rolling hunter dough.


Yeah, that’s the issue. When somebody’s doing this properly, they break the animation.

If someone wants, I can demonstrate what they mean (not in an image, PC only)


The question is : Is it intended ?


Yes and no,

Rapid firing of the melee and balling? Yes.

At the rate it’s being used? No.