Behemoth Traversal Needs ReWork


All that was needed was a simple cool-down on heavy attack, why make a stamina penalty for rolling and unrolling?

If anything that, discourages switching targets, and in a game like Evolve where constantly shifting focus on different hunters is the key to victory, such a penalty to Behemoth should be removed.



I focus one down at a time till they are all pepsi


I don’t like taking unnecessary damage if I can’t down the hunter infront of me relatively quickly.

Shielding the focused hunter or healing for example.


i agree with you the roll is still massively needed in the middle of a fight to keep the pressure on the hunters and kill them but Behemoth is the slowest monster to change target and like you said changing targets in a fight is key to wining but with the stamina penalties Behemoth has a much harder job doing this and so more Behemoths player are loosing games this needs fixing


That’s my point, you can’t adjust your strategy well with that penalty. You NEED that movement to focus down hunters, or switch between them.


Hanks shield is weak, which a lot of people don’t seem to realize, so I almost always focus medic and an added bonus, hanks shield needs to recharge.

I’ve watched my friend play constantly switching targets and I see him lose on the occasion because he isnt focusing on one person


I constantly switch up, I think your imagining that I hit one with an ability, then head to another hunter and rinse repeat.

I attack until it doesn’t seem viable no more, then switch to another. I’m not gonna continue my attack on assault if he’s shielded or press on a trapper if he’s being shielded, turbo boosted, or healing right in front of me. RARELY do I ever lose as monster.


It’s a temporary fix for the roll-melee cancel spam exploit.

The fix was rolled out via a micropatch, so TRS were limited with what they could do.

In the next proper update they’re making it so the roll will have no stamina cost to startup, but you won’t be able to cancel a melee into the roll until the attack animation has finished.

youll just have to try and adapt as best you can, until the update



////yeah my friend just constantly switches, I only switch with assault if he shield but not if Im stage 2 or higher behemoth with damage buff, then its game over for anyone I focus c:


Ah my fello monster player, Behemoth IS a walking damage buff, anything else and he’s just a walking tank of pure mass destruction.


I most point out i have played alot of behemoth. i rarely play any other monster. but i find versus some comps( 60% of hunters) he is just useless. sure he does great dmg. but a good team you just never seem to manage to escape long enough to evolve safely.

His traversal sucks. sure it’s great in some maps and from some points. but when ever you have to change turn or climb alot you suddenly don’t have anymore stamina at all. and sure hunter use alot. but it can really never shake them of in certain maps. but with Crow stasis or Abe stasis, Behemoth walks SO FREAKING slow, only way to chatch up with a hunter is roll. but you really never can do that in a fight

also i am having this HUGE issue with Tongue grab. it works like 50% of the time? i see the animation that they come flying towards me and then they just jetpack away in mid air.


Tongue grab needs to whip them back way faster than it does. I almost feel like I should offer them a glass of champagne and ask them if they’d like a newspaper to read on their flight back to my gaping jaws.


I feel the pull back is nice speed. Gives you enough time to fire Wall/Fire Bomb .


Maybe, but then again, they have more than enough time to hit the jetpack and jump away anyhow.


But that’s the problem I was talking about. They should’nt be able to jetpack away when tongue grabbed.


Oh I see. Keep the speed But remove the ability to jet pack while affected. I could live with that.


Ahah I lol’d
Thanks for the joke :smile:


I find taking stamina recharge as his perk helps immensely. When you’re feeding, it charges up giving you enough to roll out a decent distance. In a fight, I rarely need to wait for it to recharge to use it. You only need to go short distances in the fight, from one hunter to the next. With the recharge perk, enough stamina recharges while you’re using abilities and wailing on people.


This always take 50% recharge, I know I do.


Unfortunately, that’s the price Behemoth pays for his crazy high damage output. He’s too punishing to make his mobility any higher. It makes fighting in good terrain very important to him.