Behemoth Too Weak? Not This Time!


So the game did the 2 monster glitch again. If it helps, I was on Xbox One. The gamertag it showed for monster when I opened the menu wasn’t mine. His name was in the lobby as well. He also had a different skill set than me. I wish I’d thought to record more (we stage 1 wiped them easy).


Epicness hahaha upload more videos :monster:


That’s awesome. It really makes me wish there was a 2 V 4 mode with buffed hunters against 2 Stage 1 monsters.


Wish you recorded the whole game!!


Oh I love it! At first it was like "hey! I’m the monster here! And then it was like “Buddy!”


It kinda looked like the monsters could hurt each other, but I didn’t see any armor go down. Would make for some really fun gameplay to have more than one monster.


Why don’t any of you ever try seeing how the game would handle two monsters at stage 3?

Two rock walls at level 3 would probably make your Xbox explode or something lol


I hope this happens with me before they get this fixed lol looks fun even tho definitely not fair


Even as a hunter, I would love for this to happen lol