Behemoth Tongue Punch Weekend Challenge!


Behemoth Tongue Punch Challenge

This weekend between 12:01 AM ET on Friday April 1, and 12:01 AM ET on Monday, April 4 capture a screenshot, video, or .gif of Behemoth Tongue Grabbing a Hunter*, or as a Hunter* capture yourself being blasted by Behemoth’s tongue, and share your capture with us onTwitter, Facebook, or at the Turtle Rock Studios Forums with the hashtag #gettonguepunched.


  1. Play as Behemoth or against him. Tongue grab Hunters, or be tongue grabbed as a Hunter. Share the grab with us onTwitter, Facebook, or at the Turtle Rock Studios Forums with the hashtag #gettonguepunched.

  2. The Hunter grabbed the most will determine the skin we give to the community. (I.E. If Hank is tongue grabbed the most, everyone gets a free Hank skin)

  3. All capture submissions must be delivered between 12:01 AM ET on Friday April 1, and 12:01 AM ET on Monday, April 4 to count towards the challenge.

  4. Everyone who plays Evolve contributes to the challenge, whether you play online or solo. Just make sure your console is online and connected to the game server so we can track the data for the challenge!

  5. The winning skins will be rewarded by Thursday April 7.

@GrizzleMarine explains it in his new video in the first 3 minutes and then goes on to give his thoughts on TU9 (coming summer 2016).

*No Kala or Emet

You still need to play online in order to receive the skin(s)!

Let's get Emet a new skin
Guys whatever happen to the Behemoth Tongue Punch Challenge video montage we were suppose to get?
:emetoh: :blue_heart: Explaining the significance of Evolve on my life


hahahah tounge punching :joy:


come on guys lets do this for emet or kala :wink:


does anyone know the name of the song while he goes into the river?



Should be the link.

Or I looked up “Sad Violin - air horn sound effect (mlg)”


I’m gonna have this on loop forever


Effury wan suld ton punse E-mat 4 fel bod sken.

Everyone should tongue punch Emet for full-body skin.

Or Lennox/Bucket/Parnell/Caira

If you punch Caira with tongue can we get a nude skin?

FYI nude is a color, so F off pervs.


why not just give us rainbow emet where they practically turn into a Mario starman


Once I get home tomorrow I’m gonna see how emet looks like with rainbow colors. After that umma use my skills to see how he looks with pink, green, and yellow skins.

Maybe some Caira changes too.


Grizzlemarine uploaded a video about “tongue punching” the hunter we want to get a skin for with Behemoth. I am very humbly asking my loved Evolve community to tongue punch the living hell out of my favorite robot Emet to get him a new skin or we could do any of t5’s hunters to get them new skins as well. (I’m on mobile so I can’t make topics other than general, change if you need to)


Tongue punch. Bahahahahahahahha. :joy:
Totally agree, EMET needs a cool skin. Maybe a specific skin for him, pink or blue healing buoys and a red Rocket Arm. For his bipolar personality. :stuck_out_tongue:


its probably just the jack union skin or the other one


be sure to show me :slight_smile:


I leave tomorrow at 4am for a 5 hour flight back to the US, and then another 3 hour flight, so factor in time zone difference and time it takes for skills so I should have it done soon™.

I also want to try a glittery skin and a chrome skin.
(If behemoth gets a matching skin, omg glitter would be awesome).


glitter behemoth would be amasin


I’ve been going this Miley thing all wrong, Behemoth was the real Miley. Not only does he twerk but apparently he tongue punches people.

I suppose the name was brought up by @Shaners or @Ladieaupair lol. TRS U HAVE MADE ME PROUD.



@GrizzleMarine thank you for including Miley in your video, you made my shitty day less shitty. :disappointed_relieved:

#Now TRS when are we getting a twerking challenge? For Voodoo Gorgon?!??


Hyde/Lennox pls

do it for those of us who don’t have recording software