Behemoth Tips & Tricks - Video Inside. Hooray!


Hey guys/gals of the TRS forums.

So recently I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback and compliments on my behemoth play as well as the QnA I’ve got going on in a different thread (which can be found here: High ranked Behemoth player answering questions/giving advice) I realised that although I’ve showcased these things during my games/streams and I’ve gone into depth in comments I haven’t shared the ‘little’ things of my favourite ball of boulders. So I decided to make a quick tutorial video on how to improve your stage 1 through 3 gameplay and showcase a few of the afore mentioned ‘little’ things I feel most players either don’t do, or simply don’t pay enough attention to to realise.

These things include
-Noise cancellation/Sound Reduction
-Sneak Attack cancelling
-Knowing your damage ability threshold
-Know your ‘bread and butter’ behemoth combo’s
-Knowing your maps
-Playing stealthy Ft. Tongue Grab
-The mighty ‘juke’

If the above has piqued your interest then fantastic! You’re ready to learn.
The Youtube link is here:

Hope people find this informative! Hooray knowledge.

<3 Geef.


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I really like watching your videos, great game play and advice. I’ve been trying to work on some of my combos after watching you but the one that still plagues me the most is trying to figure out how to keep Rock Wall from breaking! So many times when I use it it has some type of collision and ends up having massive gaps in the wall or sometimes doesn’t even appear at all. Also, any advice for the tongue grab, wall combo? Mostly speaking about the timing/distance when to use Rock Wall after a grab/


Hey buddy!

Generally throw the rock wall down when the grabbed hunter is halfway through their one way flight to your fist. I always try and throw it either then or when the grabbed target is at the apex of their height gain from tongue grab, knowing that if throw about then they shall fall down to you in time to land a sneak attack.

However even if you’re a second or so off they will still be rockwalled in and can be safely grabbed. What’s most important is the fact they’re walled off from allies/healing beams and you can whallop them.