"Behemoth, the scourge of Factor"


Maggie makes a comment about how she had seen a rock monster on Factor that laid eggs.

On one of the loading screen that shows off Behemoth it calls it the scourge of Factor.

So Behemoth is confirmed the one that lays the eggs?


Your logic is flawed. Just because Behemoth is a Rock Monster does not necessitates that he lays eggs.

All birds have feathers
Eagles have Feathers
All Birds are Eagles.

An example of this type of faulty logic. :blush:


It doesn’t mean he’s wrong either.


I’m 99% sure she didn’t say that the rock monsters laid the eggs. She did mention a creature laying eggs, but not the “rock monsters”


I assume wrong until @Matthew says otherwise. :smile:


No one, including Maggie, has ever seen a monster lay an egg. Or ever seen an egg appear.


Only thing I think that refers to some egg layer is that in ‘Nest’ Game mode the people said the eggs suddenly appeared.

My theory. It’s some form of bacteria that builds up quickly into an egg.


Can you quote what Maggie says about the factor monster for me?


Eggs are just portals, the babies are teleported to the egg and it pops due to their size.


Well, she said she saw a rock monster AND a monster the laid eggs


She said she saw a monster made of stone and a monster that made other monsters. This was a reference to Behemoth and Host.


Yea, yea. That’s what I meant


She says she saw a huge monster made of rock, and another monster that made monsters.



Is is true? Can i finally put The Host in Evolve’s canon? :joy:


I doubt it means we’ll actually ever see the Host in game, unless it receives some major changes. Maggie’s dialogue highly suggests its presence of Factor, however.


Hopefully we WILL see a retooled host. That thing’s design is too much to pass up.


Monster Space Magic!!



Well, TRS did said that behemoth will be the biggest monster ever on evolve. Hmm… can it be behemoth? If not, then how are those eggs being laid? mindblown


Ahh, so it’s Pokemon!

According to a girl in Solaceon Town, where one of many Pokémon Day
Cares are located, no one has ever seen a Pokémon lay an Egg, and so
it is not confirmed that this is how they appear.


Would explain the giant gaping hole in it’s stomach, that’s probably not a previous wound but for lowering eggs.