Behemoth, the most frustrating of all


I have been trying, I really have, but this giant boulder of magma and pain is just not how we were promised he would be.

I’m sure people already saw how quickly he dies IN ANY STAGE, and the new hunter being op as fuck don’t help at all, Sunny’s drone and booster just make it impossible to kill anything when you’re domed, yes you can whale at someone consistently IF she dons’t keep boosting him, but by the time you got through the shield and made health, you own health is already below half, and boom the shield goes back up. its ridiculously unfair for the monsters.

yes he deals nice damage, but he is a big fuck and big fucks need to be able to sustain damage to deal damage, he really can’t do that AT ALL.

The rock wall is bugged as hell, sometimes it goes up on your sides leaving the area you wanted wide open, sometimes not at all its stupid to say the least.
The tongue grab is a nice touch but not only that its slow to execute while taking lots of damage, its hitbox is ridiculous, you can point that tongue directly at a person and yet the whole animation didn’t do jack shit.

That’s my observation of the new “tank” monster and I would like for him to be sorted out, as well as the new hunters(Torvald is dealing too much damage, goby see’s you from anywhere, you cant hide from it, caves creeks you name it, sunny’s drone and booster, the medic is alright)


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