Behemoth The King of Fruits? Durian Monster

If you liked this, leave a request at deviantart if you’d like me to turn any of the monsters or maybe even hunters into fruits.



@ToiletWraith do they even import Durian to Europe lol? The fruit is delicious but it can be deadly, especially if its 4 tons and rolls on you.

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It looks familiar so I’m assuming they do, somewhere…

It also smells like death.

I’d like to see Daisy find him now…

They do, but they are rare.
The only place you are going to find them is in specialised “rabbit food health food / seaweed and other “exotic” green things” kind of stores.

It’s too cute, I made it my profile picture. It shall be my teams mascot, Durian Monster or DuranBob, maybe even just Durian Behemoth.

I just keep looking at his stem…


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It’s like a little turtle tail.

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I love it it’s amazing

Make Kraken a bunch of bananas!

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Great idea… I’ll start gather the materials.

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no, Kraken should obviously be made of cheese

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