Behemoth the giant teddy bear


Think the title sums it up nicely. Slow, very squishie for something with more armor than all 3 other monsters, and has a larger health pool. Not a very rewarding experience unless you enjoy getting your butt kicked.

And though not the best place for it. Gobi needs a hella nerf. Range, and recharge speed is insane. Good luck losing the hunters.



indeed not very challenging so far.



Calling in @Fluffington because teddy bears.



If goliath gives behemoth a bear hug, behemoth will probably explode. Ironic? Definitely.



Little sad honestly. I was expecting some lower DPS overall compared to goliath in exchange for a tough shell able to take a beating. Instead it’s the easiest monster to track, trap, and destroy within the first 5 minutes of the game. Get a single flock of birds and you are caught more than likely.



Behemoth doesn’t feel made for this game

Any Vertical elevation and he can’t do anything which is pretty much every map. All his abilities are super easy to dodge



just use them so that they aren’t easy to dodge. fissure goes right through rock wall, so they wont see it coming. don’t fire at the hunters with lava bomb, fire at your feet so that they have to keep their distance, and drag them over the coals with tongue grab. behemoth is all about area denial, so channel your inner old man: "GET OFF MA LAWN!1!!"



I vouch for the area denial. “GET OFF MY LAWN, YA WHIPPER SNAPPERS!”



None of that shit matters when every shot is x2 damage. Or your rock wall has a massive gap in it for no reason, or your rock wall just doesn’t go up at all again for no reason. Tongue sucks as much as abduct where any leaf can block it.



Sounds like you guys are just standing around crying



the rock wall needs to be aimed away from you to stop those gaps

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What? Lol. I’ve aimed them into cave entrances 20 meters away and nothing happened. Multiple times. I have another one where there was a random gap between two of the spikes that magically all of the hunters could fit into. There’s tons of posts about this. It’s not me not knowing how the skill works, the skill is glitchy.



Gobi isn’t that bad. But I’m guna create a thread Gobi Vs. Abe



Yeah the huge area his weak point really defeats the purpose of him having such a huge health and armor pool. If they want his weak point that big they should also make his back take reduced damage or something. Reward shooting the weak point, punish missing it.

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You may have just doomed us all.

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I have noticed also that the rock wall only works like 60 percent of the time.



As someone who plays Behemoth I can tell you all that we are adorable and only want hugs! So give it to me!



Behemoth is a fucking joke. TRS outdid themself it overshadows every retardedness I have seen so far.



The troll is strong with this one.

Anyways, considering how well they work and fun the new hunters are to play against, (went up against a premade and had a blast), either TRS missed something with Behemoth, or it’s Wraith all over again, in the other direction.

Having taken him for a spin I agree he is much too squishy for being billed as the “tank”. We were taking turns playing as behemoth, and every time someone was behemoth they were reliably wrecked. Got up to S2 with no damage? No prob, we’ll just tear you apart in a dome or two. Too dodgeable, not enough DR, too big and squishy a target to be the tank. Goliath is an excellent “rogue” tank of the damage avoidance variety. Behemoth is meant to be the equivalent of that guy in massive armor and a shield who takes the hits and keeps coming, but he just didn’t work like that. We found him to be more like this guy:

Yeah. Between the weakspots that you put on him, the giant weakspot on his stomach, and his slow roll startup, so far once found he stays found, and good luck getting the distance to evolve. And since he’s so slow and massive, juking to fool the hunters is less likely to work. Basically put, he really doesn’t fill his role well. He’s supposed to be the most in-your-face monster, but he can’t hack it. And yes, Rock Wall is glitchy.



Is it me or from the Tongue Grabs weird hit boxc combined with his already slow movement speed… Hunters on ledges/ high areas are a complete pain for Behemoth? Seems like from my experience.