Behemoth taking damage


Hey, (sorry for my grammar i have reasons) I was thinking a cool feature for behemoth would be if the medics gun that makes weak spots on the monster didn’t work but if you shot certain parts on the monster then a weak point would open up till it eats wildlife and it grows back. Or if it had areas on it’s body that couldn’t take damage. But it attacks slow and is a bullet-sponge xD


I believe the devs have stated interest in ensuring that no Monster/Hunter ability/weapon combination gets negated or works as a direct counter. If the Medic’s guns were modified this way, I think that would break the principle.


Behemoth should have ability which could reflect bullets for 5 or 10 seconds. He should be tank with this cool ability. Imagine you are shooting him too much and then he pop his ability and you could kill yourself. :slight_smile:


I have also thought that Behemoth would be some bullet deflector type of monster. I could see him with an ability where he hides under his back or something and it temporarily deflects bullets and what not and he’s completely invulnerable. I would love a type of rock monster with Behemoth, maybe one of his abilities could be to roll at the hunters and squash them or turn into a rock and completely blend into the enviroment?


And what about ability which could change his back into absorbing back, he would be able to absorb any damage from hunters and every damage would be changed into heal, but not health, only armor.