Behemoth/t4 . .?


I went back to game stop the first time I didn’t receive my code for t4 and pre order and I put those in already. Now my problem is that I don’t have them… tried using trapper for my #1 pick and I wanted to choose crow, said I needed to visit the store…

If I have put the pre-order code, ALONG WITH, season pass code what do I do now? Because I’ve gone to gamestop once to get these codes and, to reiterate, I already put them in, now the game’s acting like I never did.


If your on Xbox they wont be available till 5 pst which is 8 if your eastern like me. I play on pc as well so I checked both to make sure.


Midnight if you are in the uk like me :slight_smile:

No matter how much I would like too, don’t think I can stay up till then to play, getting old and have to be up for work early :’(


Pretty much a time gate?

Edit: as in I can see it but I have to wait for “time of release”?


I bought the hunters yesterday. Does this still apply to me?


Hmmm. @DamJess


Its a bug nto an offical release they said it would be fixed by then