Behemoth swallowed my mixtape :(



What the??

What is even going on in this thread? Is that a bug or…?

I’m rather confused.

This is just really old footage before Behemoth came out to show off some of his abilities.

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“Spitting fire”


This has more if you’re interested.


god :confounded:
I would have never gotten the joke.

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Its a joke, he’s saying his mixtape is fire and behemoth swallowed it, and behemoth spit the fire out . weird having to explain this LOL


Yeah, I got it when it was explained earlier.

I don’t socialize much.

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I knew the term I just didn’t know the “Spitting Fire” term

This reminds me of a game we played the other day when 5 of us got together to play a bit. Anyways it was RVal, Cabot, Jack and Hyde vs a Behemoth. So all of us except Hyde grabbed Capacity from the Beetle, and right before Hyde picked it up Behemoth missed a Tongue Grab on him and snagged the Beetle. You should have heard him then, he started yelling “Spit it out, spit it out MFer. Give it back, Git back NOW A**hole!” Well Behemoth didn’t exactly give back the perk, instead he gave him a Lava Bomb followed by a Fissure and a roll to finish it off. Of course we were all laughing too damn hard to help him out.

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Wrong beetle, the capacity buff is on the baby Obsidian Beetle.

Ah makes much more sense lol. Redacting previous comment.

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