Behemoth stuck inside the map's wall


Behemoth stuck inside the rock . Can’t get out of it

In arena mode
Hunting Camp


Did he spawn into Arena Mode like that, or did he use Rock Wall and get pushed into the map geometry? It’s been a long time but I used to see cases of this caused by Rock Wall pushing the Behemoth.


Providing pictures/videos, your platform, and any relevant information helps the bug get logged with devs.


I’ll add a couple cases from not too long ago, too.

Broken Hill Foundry - Behemoth became stuck in a metal box/building near the platform area (beside the elite megamouth spawn beside the town area). This happened after the behemoth became domed, he dropped down into a gap (large enough to fit him), and then climbed back up into the box. He became stuck in the box, and died shortly after from splash damage (he was going to lose the game anyway :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Medlab - This time I was the monster. Goliath. Randomly, I fell down into the ground, and landed inside the walls of the relay area (by the rectangular hole on the opposite side of the relay, near the tyrant pit and the spawn for the 3 human bodies).

I was able to get out by jumping and climbing up a metal “wall”. I had a video, but I believe I may have deleted it. I can check tomorrow, if I remember.


Behemoth uses Breaking wall … then behemoth climb the rock wall (the wall was gone when he climbed ) .then he went inside the rock


So he was stuck inside the rock wall, and not the environment?

Title edit - Added “rock” so that it’s clear it was inside the rock wall and not a rock that was part of the map.



He was stuck in the environment

Climbing the invisible breaking wall was the reason


Ok, so you used rock wall, climbed it, and it disappeared as you were climbing. You then became stuck inside the map (in the wall) ?


Right .

But I wasn’t behemoth .

Behemoth climbed up the invisible rock wall . It disappeared before he climbed it . It happens

The breaking was tied with the environment wall …


Ok, changed the title to reflect that. Sorry for the confusion :stuck_out_tongue: Be sure to use the issue reporter as well to report this. It will reach the bug team faster. Include a link to this topic so that any information added here is accessible to them. :slight_smile:


This happened to me, too, except with a Goliath.

It was very strange, and I did record some of it on my Xbox One. I was in Arena on Broken Hill Murder Pits, and I suddenly got stuck inside of the wall when I was next to it. I died, ultimately, and I thought I would move on, but it didn’t stop there.

The next round, I was launched from the map and was positioned over the entire map that the Murder Pits are in. I could see my Monster in this hilly, desert-like terrain outside of the world, I could see the tiny dots of the Hunters inside of the map, but I never spawned in the map whatsoever.

Once my camera reached my Monster, I could see all of the map around me, but never inside of it. It was only for 15 brief seconds, as I was far away from any of the maps around me. The music was messed up, the loading screen was weird, and I found myself wondering if that had happened to anyone else.

As far as I know, I’m the only one.