Behemoth Strike


I refuse to ever play the behemoth again until TRS fixes his damn movement. Wildlife does more work slowing me down amd stopping my rolls and forcing me to get domed than a val/sunny/griffin pro combo. PLEASE FIX THIS. Honestly this should have been worked out BEFORE behemoth hit the shelves. Make the monster playable before you let us play it. And im not ranting because im losing. Im ranting because my wins are forced upon me by having to fight to the death or burn through all of my stamina so the multi-ton monster can walk AROUND wildlife and not roll or walk over it even though im 50x the size of most everything. I think i had a post about this before, i just cant find it and it was like a couple weeks ago so i felt like it needed a new post because of the gravity of the situation. Maybe people will stop complaining about how broken wraith traversals are when the behemoth can actually use his.


Never had a problem with hitting small wildlife. Don’t see what the big deal is.


I don’t understand why it is such a huge problem. I mean, some maps like The Dam it would be pretty hard to avoid the wildlife, but many maps like most daytime maps it’s pretty easy to take a slight turn to avoid it, not even worth called dodging.

However, I see why it is dissepointing being this huge monster stopped by the tiniest object.


Well i got domed multiple times because of wildlife and i guess i had the worst luck ever since all of the wildlife was bunched up in pacjz in the main hallways of the map and no matter how hard i tried to avoid them i would literally have to take a completely different path to not get slowed down at all and by then it was too late. I had the unfortunate luck of running into a megamouth (which at full roll speed with a behemoth you should roll over) just sitting in the middle of the path which being as big as i guess i just couldnt fit around him and got stuck trying to roll over/around him. Then trapjaws spawn ONTOP of me and i had to walk back into the hunters to find a new escape route. Seriously luck may be bad but i should be able to roll over this stuff or push it to the side when i try to go between two animals be it small or medium sized.


Basically, he is asking for behemoth to pass-trough small ( reavers, poison, striders, mammoth ) wildlife during its roll, i know that feeling bro.


Behemoth can be a real B to kill at Stage 1. I have been killed by a skilled Behemoth at Stage 1 more than any other Monster.


Im like top 30 Behemoth global on XBOXONE and my strategy is to usually fight the hunters at stage one. Its more like an inconvenience then a game breaking bug.


Rolling over an Obsidian Crabs is like stepping on a lego. Ouch!

i do get how OP feels about this.


It’s just a random issue when running down paths, and wildlife gets in the way. Because the roll doesn’t kill them anymore you have to stop rolling and kill them. Or roll around them and if there isn’t much room on the path that can be more than difficult.

If they removed the % loss on the behemoth’s initial change into roll it won’t be so bad.


So true. Find a game with any good griff/sunny combo and if the wildlife is placed in paths. Give up on any hopes of getting armor or s2. Just fight.