Behemoth strats


So I am by no means an expert but I figure I’ll share my strategy that has had be doing very well 15 matches only 2 losses my first and another somewhere in the middle.

So I’ll start off with this, behemoth is a completely different beast as far as perception and reality.

First off he is regarded as a tank monster as most of us have come to realize this isn’t quite the truth lol. He is huge with a huge weak point that grants the hunters ENORMOUS burst damage against him.

2nd He is slow and clunky. This is only half true. His roll is extremely quick and he can climb a lot faster than I thought he would be able to.

3rd sneaking is pointless. I will say it’s a lot harder to pull off a good juke but it can be done with some for planning and taking advantage of terrain.

SO now the strategies.

So a tactic that I have come to LOVE and have been able to use to great success is what I like to call ball crushing! :smiley:
No I’m not talking about heavy melee spamming out of the roll. SO if there is a hunter in your face rather than try and pound him and get some ability damage on them. I tend to keep rolling pushing them into an area I can easily block off with the wall. These does 2 things 1 I can literally manuever the hunter away from the medics and support or vice versa etc. I also am able to create enough space that I can put a rock wall up that EASILY and more importantly RELIABLY blocks off the path the hunters can take to get to me. Here I can usually use a fissure forcing them into a corner and then keep them locked in. Something to note this strategy is what I use when I am more or less staying on lower ground.

Now when you are in a dome with a lot of high ground and more importantly high ground with good space to take advantage of GET UP THERE. There is a couple reasons for this 1 it force the hunters to come to you, wasting jet pack setting themselves up for easy damage. Another thing is very rarely are they all coming up at the same exact time. there is almost always enough time between that you can put a rock wall up locking 1 hunter up with and and effectively doubling the height that the hunters have to go up to get to you unless they go around.

As for damage mitigation you need to be CONSTANTLY rolling taking turns and creating breathing room for yourself.stasis grenades tranqs and the stasis gun have VERY LITTLE effect on your traversal speed if any at all the only effective means of slowing down your traversal is harpoons. So if there is no trapper wit harpoons roll around all damn day like a bowling ball. If they do have poons just make sure you pay attention and destroy them quicly just like any other monster

Any time I see a corridor and the hunters are on me rather than wait in front of it in plain sight I will stand off to the side when 1 hunter makes it through use rock wall. You won’t get the hall way block of complete preventionn but you will still have a huge opportunity to use vs standing in the door way and HOPING they will be dumb enough to come through and let you block their team mates out.

Lava bomb is my ability for preventing encapped hunters from getting picked up as soon as 1 goes down I put a lavabomb right on top of them and from there I will ball up and try and another hunter away allowing me to focus him down easily usually at this point another rock wall is ready for use and I can single him out. Depending on armor and health damage I will either keep repeating this process or I’ll bolt and get armor.

Strangely enough I have found that tongue grab is NOT as much of a staple as I initially thought it was going to be. I only ever put 1 point into it and that’s at stage 3 and even then I find myself really just not needing it as much as I thought and the few times I do need it the 1 point has been more than enough.

My build is usually this 2 rock wall 1 fissue Stage 1
3 rock wall 2 fissure and 1 lava bomb for stage 2

3 rock wall 3 fissue 2 lava bomb and 1 tong grab.

MY thought process as to why I do this build. Stage 1 I am looking to eat fast and move fast. fissure does a good job of doing crowd damage making it so you can make big feasts quickly. Since most of the time you will be moving using your traversal you want those 2 points to break line of sight I have found that 1 point just doesn’t create a wide enough barrier to make it worth the slot but 2 points creates a barrier wide enough that it actually make chasing the behemoth very hard to keep up with. There is another reason for this in regards to avoidance. and that’s GRIFFIN!
HE is you WORST ENEMY as far as trappers are concerned the time it takes to come out of traversal and break poon makes it very easy for him to predict let go and reload before you can get moving again. So to counter act this I will come out of traversal and just break the poon with a rock wall creating a safe get away from griffin.

Stage 2 I want to be able to maximize my isolation ability so I max out rock wall creating a huge barrier that requires time to go around or get up. WIth my 2 points in fissure i get a nice damage bump that makes it easier to get the damage in you need and with my 1 point in lavabomb I can put area denial right on top of encapped hunters I am also able to launch it from atop cliffs and make it so you have less time to react.

Stage 3 I want as much damage as possible so I max out fissure and I put 1 more point into lavabomb now I don’t max out lavabomb because I am using it for area denial and this does the job just fine while adding just a little bit extra damage. Now I put 1 point into tongue grab this is for when they are flying above you and you can’t really do anything about it, Even more so when there is a sunny in the team. This will give you something to deal with those dancing fairies and put them back down on your level :wink:

I am by no means pro or stating this is a full proof strategy and it’s what has been working for me. So I thought I would share hopefully help out some other monster players to get their enjoyment out of behemoth and hopefully create some healthy strategic discussion to show what he is capable of. Now I have yet to try this out on a full fledged team so if anyone has a team of hunters willing to play on X1 I’d love to see how well my strategy holds up against a premade and see what else I could add to this.

Feel free to put in your input good or bad on behemoth and different strategies that either have or haven’t worked for you.!


I like this, and once i finally get some playtime in as T4 i’ll be back with my opinion. without my own gameplay, my opinion here would be worthless (:


Glad you like let me know if you use this or if you come up with your own effective strategy I’d love to hear. Or even things that didn’t work to see if they could be fine tuned to have good effect.


Just a tiny question. How can you push hunters that simply double tap spacebar once you approach them in your roll?

Also you should start with 3 points into lavabomb. It cuts a sloth in half on a hit deals quite generally great damage, hits through walls, denies terrain and isn’t as glitchy as the rockwall. Every third rockwall I press isn’t even coming out properly. That of course is due to the very nature this skill was coded.


Gotta make them waste their jetpack first :wink:
And i dont pick pava bomb first for q couple reasons, it has the longest attack animation and leaves you open for serious damage, it also has a very ling cool down, the longest if im not mistaken. Also i usually dont eat 4meats, thats free help for later plus it takes longer to kill a 4 meat than to just kill 2 2 meats and 2 meats will respawn 4 meats wont :smiley: