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Help with Behemoth? I just got him the other day
Stage 2: Behemoth Strategy, Tips and Advice
Help with Behemoth? I just got him the other day
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Always take a level 2 skill and a level 1 skill a stage 1! You need it!
If you are domed, be aggresive. You have the power!
Don’t be like me and throw rock walls behind you, unless you are in a cave where the top of the wall encloses the cave. :wink:


his abiltiies are made so you can punch ppl easier. so punch ppl. over and over again.

also if someone is skirting a wall and they are below you. if you time it right. u can hit them with the intitial hit of lava bomb and then the 4 secondary bombs will come out and hit the hunter AGAIN. it does 70% hp on a hunter…with only 2 points. iv been trying to replicate it but its very hard to land it that way.


A great strategy I’ve found is, after successfully hitting fissure on a hunter, immediately follow up with tongue grab. Fissure will make them fly in the air for a short time, making them helpless to dodge that tongue grab. After that, you can have your way with them.



Don’t play god-damned sonic. Keep the Hunters preoccupied with your abilities.


I god damn second that god damned notion damnit


This thread should be divided into two categories: vrs new hunters, and vrs pro hunters. Strategies will vary. I will be posting specific Behemoth vrs pro Torvald team sometime today.


People who want advice in a specific scenario can ask for it, and people can reply if they feel like it, that’s the beauty of this (and the other) threads :smile:


May not work as well with the knockback nerf.


Yeah, its been a bit trickier to pull off lately, but if you follow up almost immediately with grab after a fissure you know will hit, it works nearly every time.


The most weapon of a Behemoth


@Geef This seemed the most appropriate place to continue our discussion, so I’ll be asking my questions here. (If you’d rather me ask them elsewhere, please let me know!)

Continuing the discussion from High ranked Behemoth player answering questions/giving advice:

My very first Behemoth (stage 1) build was 2 Rock Wall / 1 Tongue Grab; my second was 1 Rock Wall / 2 Tongue Grab. Ultimately, neither one worked very well for my playstyle - the damage simply wasn’t there (no damage abilities at all and no powerful attack chains), and it was not that great for hunting.

Actually, I was thinking about this and I wondered why I don’t take out the point in Fissure. After some thought, I realized it’s because 1 point in Fissure is actually really, really good. The main reasons I keep it are because it can kill multiple mammoth birds very quickly (since it instantly kills anything that can fly up into the air), making it great for hunting, and it is incredibly important for chaining Behemoth’s attacks together (making it great for combat). Although it lacks the damage of a 2/3 point Fissure, having a single point in it greatly speeds up my eating and still makes me a decent (although perhaps not significant) threat at Stage 1.

I find that my real damage as Behemoth comes not from my abilities, but from my ability to chain together attacks effectively. That’s why I’m comfortable having a Stage 3 build with no damage ability maxed out.

The builds I had the most luck with before I tried my current build were pure damage ones like you described. My main damage build was 3 Lava Bomb + damage perk, but I also tried out 3 Fissure + damage perk. My gameplan for those builds were to get full armor, find an advantageous location to fight, and allow the hunters to dome me.

This strategy & build was completely unreliable: matches either went really, really well (Stage 1 wins) or really, really bad (Stage 1 loss). It was very rare that I had a match that lasted more than 5 or 6 minutes, or one that I reached Stage 2.

While my change in perk (Damage -> Feeding Speed) and my general skill increase with Behemoth might make a build of 3 points in Fissure/Lava Bomb a bit more effective than it was in the past for me, I am hesitant to do them for a few different reasons.

The first reason is the loss of utility and chaining attacks. As stated earlier, I feel the majority of my damage as Behemoth comes from chaining attacks, rather than powerful abilities. Add in the fact that I lose the ability to Rock Wall + eat while domed (something easy to do with Feeding Speed), and I’m not sure if the loss in utility is worth it. Honestly, the damage would probably be around the same (powerful abilities vs chaining attacks), but the loss of utility is not something I’m sure I’d be okay with. I know when I ran 3 Fissure/Lava Bomb before, I almost felt like Behemoth was ‘naked’ (having nothing other than one ability to rely on).

The second reason is the creatures I’m hunting. 1 point in Fissure is all that’s needed to take down Mammoth Birds; in addition, my playstyle often leaves bigger wildlife alive. The way I see it (from my perspective), Behemoth needs to fight in areas advantageous to him whenever possible. If I simply cannot make it to a cave or other enclosed area before I know I’ll get domed, then my next best option is heading towards the nearest area with big wildlife. By hunting the big wildlife before the battle even starts, I feel like I am limiting my options - limiting the number of areas that I can fight in. While fighting hunters in an area with big wildlife isn’t always enough to have the advantage, my build also lets me Rock Wall + eat the 4 meat wildlife after it (usually) goes down. 4 meats in combat is very, very useful; however, I’m not sure if it’s more or less useful than getting 4 meats out of combat. (After all, 4 meats out of combat would bring me that much closer to evolving before the hunters get to me.)

The last reason is my stage 3 build. By taking 3 points in Fissure from the start, it’s impossible to get the Stage 3 build I have right now (2LB/2F/3RW/2TG), which I’m actually quite fond of and have success with. (I usually don’t have a problem winning at stage 3; only getting there.)

I do think that the idea that I’m spreading myself too thin (and perhaps being a bit unfocused) is a very valid one. In fact, this is probably why I was worried and asked for your advice on the matter. That being said, what do you think of a sort of ‘compromise’ between my current build and the ones you’re suggesting? Do you think 2 Fissure / 1 Tongue Grab or 2 Fissure / 1 Rock Wall would be builds worth exploring?

My thoughts on maxing lava bomb were covered in my response above.

As for the idea of going two lava / one rock, I agree with the idea that it doesn’t fit well with my choice of feeding speed perk; I also don’t think it’d fit with my playstyle (the build itself isn’t very appealing to me). I think I will skip this one in favor of other builds.

Thanks for the answer! I didn’t quote your answer in its entirety, but you did answer my question, so thank you. :smile:

Edit: although my questions are aimed at Geef, if anyone else has some advice / thoughts on what’s being discussed, feel free to chime in!


So I got owned in a recent Behemoth game. I had 3 lava, 2 tongue, 2 fissure, and 2 rock wall. I couldn’t get my target down and switched at the end for the medic which I got right before I died. How could this have ended differently? Its strange, Behemoth is the monster I have the most S1 wins but also the most S3 losses.


Wow, I have to give it to you that I haven’t seen that many attacks bug out and fail like that. At first I thought maybe it was a miss aim, a few of the tongue grabs looked like maybe Griffin had just ran out of range maybe. But they definitely failed, at least a couple. But, when you first engaged, you ran right at Parnell, which taxed a lot of armor. I would have planned the attack a little, and try and engage support or medic first. If you wanted to down Parnell, I would have came back and focused him hard once his shield dropped, Griffin spent a lot of time kiting you around, which lets the rest of the team focus on helping him and damaging you.

Try and be a little more chaotic, keep them on their toes. The support and medic were up really high, in good positions when the battle started, you should try and make them fight where you want to. If you had ran up behind them in the beginning, you could have knocked them down near the generator and had more of an edge. Once you began focussing Caira you brought her down, that could have hurt their team a lot if you lead with that.

I ways try and spread my damage out though, not because it makes downing them all easier, but if you are only focussing a single Hunter then the other 3 are free to use their abilities to help them and hurt you. If you had knocked Hank and Caira off that cliff, or walled them off from Parnell, they wouldn’t be able to assist him and you could down him once his shield depleted. Griffin can make it hard to get to someone, but if you position so that Griffin is on the same side as the Hunter you’re focussing, he can’t keep you off of them. Harpoons in the front don’t do anything.

Trapper is one of the easiest to focus if they are not being helped, but Support and Medic are designed to help their team. They are the key to bringing a team down. If a trapper gets incapacitated, everyone is damaging the monster, Medic is healing the trapper and everyone else while the monsters getting attacked. If you down the Medic though? They’ll still be attacking you, sure, but if you have some armor and are still dishing out the pain to the rest of the team with abilities while the medic dies, that team will get nervous real quick. No medic means no heals, and permanent damage. It was just a bad round, I wouldn’t get discouraged. Behemoth is super situational, if Hunters are spread out and up high, you’re in for a hassle. It’s all about controlling the battlefield with Bob.


After the last update I am unable to tongue grab hunters in online play, what gives? I can still catch wildlife and bots.


It was actually Markov not Parnell. The first thing I did was clear his mines at the relay which you see me doing at the beginning. I knew if I climbed up to medic and support that griffin would harpoon me and I would never reach them. Griffin was smartly on an opposite pillar which would have let him harpoon me all day long.


I have also noticed that sometimes when I tongue someone that they regain control of their character before they reach me and jet pack away.


As if the ability wasn’t hard enough to land, they just had to do it to poor Bob.


I’ve been having a hard time hitting the fissure lately. It’s a fairly easy move to dodge with at least of a bar of jetpack. Any tips?