Behemoth Strategy, Tactics, and Builds


I wanted to start a thread to talk SPECIFICALLY about how to use Behemoth. Strategies, skill allocation, perks, ability combos all are fair game. This is NOT a thread to discuss anything about his balance or his flaws; we are assuming he is working as intended and trying to figure out how to optimize our play with him. I will admit that I was struggling with this guy until I read a post from another poster (I cannot find it now and I really apologize) about how to play Behemoth in a defensive turtle type of playstyle, using strong zoning abilities to control hunter movement and separate them. Below are some random thoughts and observations I’ve had. I would love to see how other people are being successful with this very unique and cool monster.

General Behemoth Tips:

  • Fighting in closed spaces: More than any other monster, I feel Behemoth benefits from fighting in cramped quarters where his slowness is not as much an issue and where hunters can be more easily zoned and separated from one another
  • Chaining abilities. This is key, and I have a whole section on that.
  • Having an escape route in mind before engaging. Behemoth’s traversal is actually pretty fast if he has a lane to travel through, so using that whenever possible helps
  • Not thinking I’m a “tank”. I think alot of people get caught up in the whole “Behemoth is a tank and should be able to absorb massive damage” mentality. This is not the way to play him. I typically disengage once my armor runs out, because Behemoth’s slowness and size mean he will likely take more damage when fleeing than other monsters. With other monsters I’m often willing to stick around a bit more to cause damage, but Behemoth needs to plan this out more quickly. Get a strike or two in and then move out.
  • Abuse your ability to stunlock hunters. I think Behemoth has more stunlock ability than any other monster, and if you combo your abilities well you can really stifle hunters’ ability to execute their gameplan
  • Fissure is great for hitting hunters on ledges. This may sound obvious, but ledge tactics are one of the hunters strongest assets and being able to easily hit them while up high is very useful
  • Rock Wall and Lava Bomb are great abilities to zone with. Rock Wall is obvious, but Lava Bomb has a similar effect in that it can control hunter movement, by either making them unwilling to travel toward you, or punish them from running away from you.
  • Behemoth’s traversal is almost like a free Goliath Charge. You can use this thing to really take a hunter out of position, just like Charge.


  • Tongue Grab > Sneak Attack – You can begin crouching as the hunter
    is coming to you. The uses are obvious, but this one is ridiculously
    easy to pull off.

  • Fissure > Tongue Grab > Rock Wall – This one gives you a nice way
    to separate a hunter from his team, especially if they are all
    attacking you from the same direction. Its easier to pull off than
    you think

  • Rockwall > Lava Bomb – I’m using this when I ambush hunters. I will
    wait for the right opportunity, and rock wall to separate them and
    sandwich them between me and the wall. I will then lava the wall and
    force them to either come to me or burn

  • Roll > Rockwall > Beatdown – Using the traversal like a Goliath
    Charge, I take the hunter out of position, throw up a wall so his
    team can’t help him, and proceed to beat on him

Build and Perks:

  • Stage 1 build is 2 Lava Bomb, 1 Rock Wall – This gives me good zoning ability to feed and flee to get to stage 2

  • Stage 2 is 3 Lava Bomb, 1 Rock Wall, 2 Fissure – Alternatives I’m considering are 3 Lava Bomb, 1 Rock Wall, 1 Fissure, 1 Tongue OR 2 Lava Bomb, 2 Rock Wall, 2 Fissure

  • Stage 3 is 3 Lava Bomb, 2 Rock Wall, 3 Fissure, 1 Tongue Grab

I’d love to hear what others are doing here.

  • As to Perks, I like Movement Speed to mitigate his slowness. I’ve considered Cooldown Reduction just to get Rock Wall out more often, but not sure its worth losing the speed.

Anyway, what has been successful for all of you?

Can anyone give me tips on what skill set should I go for Behemoth in each stage?

I’ve been going damage bonus with 2 in fissure and 1 in RW. Then at stage 2 I max out fissure, put 1 point in LB, and 1 additional point in RW. I’ve only lost once. :]


Damage bonus? Interesting. How significantly does it help at Stage 1?

How do you like to use Fissure at Stage 1? Do you use it as a displacer/damage dealer, and to help setting up escapes?


Usually when I’m close to evolving to stage 2 they’ve caught up so I try to get to a good place to dance around if things go south. I use fissure as an initiation on the medic or trapper because it brings them down to around half health with only 2 points in it. And damage helps a ton. Think about it, how often does someone just barely get away with a sliver of health? Damage bonus makes that happen less often.


Iv been rolling (HAH) with movement speed. simply because in battle hes getting kited hard and this helps a TON.

i too have switched to lava bomb. fissure is one jump away from being completely dodged. also hunters seem to not pay attention to where they are so they burn. aoe is murderous.

so my build is 1 rock 2 lava like u.

stage 2 is 3 lava 2 rock 1 fissure

stage 3 is 3 lava 2 rock 3 fissure.

I dont like how long it takes for a hunter to get to u with toungue grab. and good behemoth can get the most out of a 2 point rock instead of the huge 3. least i think so. also 3 fissure MURDERS hunters when the wall is up cuz they have no idea its coming. best move in that way.


I have a post up on Reddit about how I have been playing Behemoth with some videos:

My build so far has been:
Perk: 15% Increased Damage
Stage1: 3 Fissure
Stage2: 2 Lava, 1 Tongue
Stage3: 3 Rock Wall

Here is a quick link to the video of my ideal match/situation:

Basically, I don’t sneak often. Roll as far away as you can at the start of the match and eat as much as you can. They will probably find you as you are about to evolve, so do your best to evade them. In the video above, I ambushed them with a Fissure that sent them flying and gave me time to escape.

I only take 1 point in Tongue because I find that I do not need the extra range. I normally just use it to hit hunters who are flying above me or trying to juke my melee attack. I am seriously considering changing my Stage2 build to 2 points in rock wall instead of lava bomb though. I find that I simply do not hit with it often enough.


3 levels of rock throw stage 1.


(no joke I took this build after wrecking the lobby 3 times in a row, still rekt. =D

That rockwall is MASSIVE

I ALWAYS take movement speed, really helps! (And I only have level 2 movespeed perk!)


Rock wall is way inconsistent from my experience. It’s great when it works though


That’s my troll build for when I faceroll (literally) my lobby several times in a row.
I still win usually :stuck_out_tongue:


My personal build stage 1 is going two rock wall and one tounge grab, there is one thing i see that is the greatest mistake while playing behemoth is that when you get cought at stage 1 you try to go hide, DONT!! one of the big benefits of behemothis that he have such heavy basic attack and you can reallly abuse the spam traversal and heavy attack if you can time it properly. At stage on dont expect to use that many abilitys your basic attack are stronger just roll and go all in on the trapper. When and if you later on to stage 2 this is the time you can go a little more aggresive on the hunters. when i stage up to 2 i go for 3 in fissure to get some real damage in use combo tounge grabe then fissure to get gauranted hit and propably deal more then half hp, dont forget to use rock wall when convenient. hopefully you will win stage 2 but if you get to stage 3 thats only better unless they are about to guard the relay. Behemoth is pretty bad in relay fights so watch out for that.

That was some messy tips from 4th behemoth in europe (on pc),
and sry for my english i know its a bit messy and i have a hard time to communicate on texts. There are much more i want to say about this beautiful beast we call behemoth but i had limited time to write this. I hope you got some use on this if you have further question my steam id is conjugates.
bye and have a nice day :).


Fissure goes THROUGH Rock Wall? Really? Does it go through other obstacles?

I like your build, I’m going to try it. You are probably right on level 2 Rock Wall being sufficient.

You don’t take Rock Wall until Stage 3? How do you create separation against the hunters prior to that? I find Rock Wall to be essential, but curious how you live without it.


When you say separation, do you mean during a fight in inbetween fights? During a fight I don’t really try to separate them. I try to avoid prolonged fights when I don’t think I can outright win.

When just evading them I have found that rolling effectively (getting behind walls to avoid slows) is good enough at getting far enough away for you to evolve/eat in peace at least for a short amount of time.

I just feel like if I get caught at stage 1, Rock Wall is going to help me survive a dome for a few seconds-- but a level 3 fissure can end the dome in a few seconds. Stage 2, I am going to try taking 2 points in it instead of Lava Bomb tonight to see if I can make better use of it.


yup. fissure will not travel over your wall u made. so it goes through it. I wonder if i have video… I can visually confirm it tho. iv seen the second behemoths hands fall down the hunters on the other side go flying and the hp is halved lol.


3 Levels of Rock Wall you mean?


Roll > heavy attack > roll > heavy attack > roll > heavy attack. Never lose bruh


What fun is that?


It’s not >.< that’s why I don’t play behemoth lol


I shall return when i actually play big boy behemoth


if you rock wall > fissure you can hit hunters from the other side of the wall. they never see it coming, and you feel like your in a bunker shooting out. also lava bomb before the rock wall to make yourself a moat and be KING OF THE CASTLE


I mean both. Rock Wall creates escape routes, buys you time to juke, and allows for separating them during a fight. Dividing and conquering the hunters during fights has been my best method of winning so far, so I can’t imagine not having Rock Wall. But if it works for you that is fine.