hi i recently printed golith on my 3d printer and its magnificent to have him on my table… is there any chance to get .stl for behemoth too so i can have bouth my favorites together?


Pic pls because that would be awesome


That must have taken a ton of work to clip the supports from the Goliath. I’m afraid to print one myself just do to that nightmare. So yeah, pics. please. Also, I know there is a Kraken file but I don’t think there ever was a Behemoth.


All the models are here:

You can open and convert them into STL’s if needed.



i printed him in pieces because supports keep breaking and my printer is low budget (ender3) so it isnt perfect but for me its treasure


That’s pretty cool looking. I like the colors.


Whoa whoa whoa, you printed THAT from the stl?!?

Shit. I need to make one!

Did you paint that yourself? Because dayum!


I see one detail that kind of bothers me a bit, it’s the lack of muscle between the jaws.
But overall, great print.


That file is a NIGHTMARE with the supports! I’d love to know how you were able to print in parts (does the file off of the TRS website contain portioned segments to print or did you design your cuts somehow with your software?), and the 3D registration is really smooth…each little tail spike is perfect, even if printed vertically. Supports keep breaking? I have yet to see that problem…my supports refuse to NOT break and are a paint in the tush to remove. How much did you have to file down? You claim low budget but Ender 3 prints awesome from what I’ve seen…many peeps use Enders. I only have the Da Vinci Mini. You make me want to brave a print and paint though I don’t think I can handle this…but perhaps I can start with the Daisy STL.


i just printed him, my Game master painted, becose we wanted him to look sinister enough… its going to be our main boss in his home brew campaign


i cuted him in individual pieces in slic3r PE with cut function just thath eazy. And i have print speed with printing suports on maximum, what my printer can handle so they are thin and eazy to break

with ender its like lotery you might get perfectly tuned machine form china or you need to tweek it and try/fail… and im no engineer


yeah the jaws is my unability to remove suports in thath tight area withouth braking his thin strings of skin


How big is it?


25cm, originaly i maded him just in my print volume… before i needed to cut him in pieces


Daaaaaaaaaam! I really need to get one printed. :open_mouth:


I don’t suppose you still have the modified STL file?


goliash botom.stl (4.3 MB)
goliash top.stl (8.5 MB)
head.stl (4.5 MB)
left claw.stl (419.4 KB)
legs.stl (2.1 MB)
right claw.stl (624.9 KB)
tail.stl (1.2 MB)
torso.stl (4.2 MB)




This looks absolutely awesome!
Tbh I wish they sold these somewhere, or just Evolve figures/models in general