Behemoth still sucks, IMO


Please buff Behemoth some more.


Why does he suck?


It’s entropy. Behemoth sucks so much that when he Tongue Grabs a hunter, they’re drawn together because the hunter doesn’t suck at all. Then he Rock Walls them off and they fight a mediocre 1v1 with suck levels equalized.

Or he would, if the wall spawned. Hue.


the patch literally just came out a couple hours ago. i think he does a lot better now. the rock wall is much better and survival is much muuuuuch easier.


Yeah, Behemoth is still buggy and terrible. Patch did nothing really.


People’s opinions are starting to become unreasonable



behemoth does suck you do know he was just too op so they nerfed him now yea some less damage but more health armor more meats faster you must suck with him i stilll win as behemoth


It’s just that Behemoth’s survivability is still not good enough, for a monster who can’t run or hide within a dome. And now that his roll-attack exploit has been fixed, he can’t even clinch a fight in the best conditions.

I’ll try playing more with him today. But my impression from last night is that he’s still badly underpowered, compared with the other three monsters.


I dont think he sucks, I think he just has a very different style of approach. People play him as if he is the “Destroyer of Worlds” and while I feel thats what we were all lead to believe, thats just not the case.

I feel as if he should be played more like a Wraith (pre-patch). Aggressively but not as if they are unstoppable, you know?


The thing is that with Wraith, you avoid domes and even hide within domes really effectively. With Behemoth you can’t, so you’re constantly getting sucked into fighting at stage 1.




Pretty much this
fissure is such a stupid ability that deals massive damage
how in gods name does a eathquake type attack hit me while i’m 20 feet in the air?


I don’t know I was actually able to win with him after the update (won 3 games I played with him and lost 1 and before update I played like 10 and lost all of them).


I think that the way you play Behemoth has a considerable effect on the outcome of the game. I have played against multiple Behemoths who play recklessly from the start and screw themselves over immediately. People play him expecting an easy win, when in reality he needs to be played safe. Behemoth is not an early threat, like Goliath or Kraken, mainly due to his lack of speed and damage output. I don’t think that Behemoth sucks, he just needs to be played in a different style than many expected to be able to play him.


Our monster started playing Behemoth for fun in scrims and he literally was melting us.Behemoth is slow and clunky.But once he focuses 1 target, heals and shields won’t help.

Either the hunter must always be in perfect position to juke or he is going to die for sure.Behemoth is the only monster that is not forgiving.

And i’m basing this from my experience against good monster players.

Also people are now starting to play Behemoth and find how to play this monster.So cu in a week or something when you’ll all be posting how OP behemoth is.


They’ve BEEN unreasonable and you just now noticed? xD


If you were relying on the roll-melee glitch to win then I am sorry but it is you who sucks.


oh no, ive noticed for the longest time, its just it has been a relatively few people, but now its seems a large portion of people’s opinions are starting to be going too far


I’ve been seeing this since day 1 my friend xD