Behemoth still feels terribly weak


Just got done playing a couple rounds as Behemoth and to put it bluntly, I got shit on. However in the frustration of getting stomped, you do notice the reasons why it’s happening. In my eyes, no amount of health or armor will make Behemoth reliable. Sure the recent patch made his weakspot a lot smaller and made him overall more durable, but that’s not the issue - It’s his mobility. He struggles to get away and here’s why:

  1. His traversal consumes at a fast rate and recharges rather slowly compared to the usage rate. That coupled with the fact that even the tiniest of obstacles will cause him to come to a complete stop and potentially struggle to start rolling forward again heavily gimps his traversal abilities. No other monster’s traversal ability is this heavily influenced by small wildlife and obstacles.

  2. Harpoons. They’re a bitch for Behemoth. Any good Griffin can severely limit a Behemoth’s escape options, and the recent patch that made him use more stamina to start rolling didn’t help that. His roll alone should break harpoons after a short time.

  3. Rock wall is still buggy. Yeah, the recent patch helped fix it a bit, and it seems like it did for the most part… but the wall still breaks on wildlife/obstacles/terrain changes.

In short - His mobility needs improved. His traversal should drain slightly slower and recharge slightly faster. It also needs to be made more reliable and not stop/bounce off track when he rolls into something as small as a reaver. Another thing that I think Behemoth should have but isn’t related to this thread is an inherit damage reduction if his body is hit. I mean, he’s a rock… makes sense, right?

I really want to like Behemoth, but I just don’t think I can in his current state. Every monster, Wraith included, just feels so much more durable due to their mobility.


I’m just waiting for the slew of “L2P”, “Gitgudscrub”, “you just suck”, and “I’ve never lost a game as Behemoth” posts.

Any time now.


Called it!


I kinda wish that they would fix that cause ive been stopped by a SPOTTER from a full momentum roll it was really frustrating…


The funny part is that they fixed Goliath’s leaps being stopped by destructible objects but not Behemoth’s roll.


That is kinda funny indeed :smirk:


Trees are behemoths worst enemy…


Don’t forget Obsidian Grubs!


Sounds legit :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have enough Behemoth games under my belt to make a super educated call on this, but I feel zoning-on-the-run is going to be a very important strategy for Behemoths. Learning each map so that you can move in such ways to properly zone and escape seems more important for Behemoth than any other Monster. And if you do get domed when you’re not ready, attempting to find a nice little corner for a tongue+wall+pounce combo is critical for turning fights around.

This obviously only applies to general movement. Clearly the buggy aspects of rolling and rock walls ought to be fixed, but I personally think it is too early to say that he needs moar bufz, especially now that stasis doesn’t affect him as much.


Especially since his is the only traversal that relies on good terrain. Kraken, Goliath and Wraith can move as they please. Behemoth has to have a good roll path


Exactly. Also, it seems to me that a lot of Behemoths I fight rely exclusively on Sonic mode. People need to remember that he can still climb, especially when it gets you to spots that can downhill-ramp you the heck out of there in a jiffy.


Until TRS realize that Behemoth is going to suck until they actually give him an advantage over the other monsters, we will have to stick with the buggy mess that he is.

Currently he:
-is slower than the other monsters
-a bigger target than the other monsters
-cannot hide / sneak like the other monsters
-still has his weakspot in the middle of his body rather than head or someplace that actually takes skill to hit.
-cannot jump or fly like the other monsters
-has very buggy abilities that don’t work half the time
-glows like a christmas tree
-can easily have his traversal blocked by small wildlife that he should be able to crush
-turns into a pinball if there are even small trees
-will float in the air if you roll off certain cliffs

Considering his only advantage seems to be having a few more bars of armor and health, he doesn’t have a whole lot going for him.


Lol. I know it’s a bug, but lol. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ive played it the first time and was first: Yeah! I had almoste done the hunters, but the 2 low-healthbar remainer splited and escaped.

So I choose to tier3. Than the Hunters where back and Iam done within 30sec. It seemed, that I had lost my strength by becoming t3.

Real storry Bro!


I know it’s a sarcasm post, but I actually used to be really terrible at monster. Had something like a .2 wlr with Goliath after 20 something games, but now it’s over 2.0 after 100+ games and I’m pretty proud of that. :smile:

But as a self-proclaimed decent or above average monster player, Behemoth… it’s like I’m a sitting duck… or boulder…


Apparently people don’t understand sarcasm…


I was kidding, mate. I knew you were being sarcasti- wait a second! :stuck_out_tongue:


I got flagged :’(


Wow. Just… :expressionless:


Reported for being funny.

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