Behemoth spawn bug


I spawned into a game as Behemoth like this today:

invisible and no abilities. After I ran into enough birds to get the hunters to hit with me with some AoE, I immediately respawned across the map, apparently taking control of an AI monster that had been feeding the whole time.


I don’t know what the hells going on with your game​:joy::joy:


Happened to a friend of mine as well.


TRS: in the game review map, it showed the monster icon teleporting across the map when I respawned. Maybe you guys can search for matches where the monster teleports like that to check it out


Did you join the game as it was starting?


yes, perhaps right as the little cutscene of the feeding was playing


Awesome! Thanks for the info!






Also had this! I was invis, and there was also a kraken flying around the map


OP are you sure it was Behemoth?Because if you ain’t sure that means it has something to do with joining in games while AI has chosen Kraken.


This seems related to the bug that spawns 2 Monsters, which can happen with any of them.


Might be worth noting I had the behemoth roll bar


This bug is not exclusive to Behemoth.


yep had it happened before when we faced an ai kraken

maybe it has something to do with the rly rly bugged kraken ai


So thats what it was my first game in the new patch i fought against a monster that also got this bug lol


i’ve had a behemoth evolve bug where as I evolved I could not gain any armor while eating afterwards


Same thing happened to me once as a Wraith and once as a Goliath, i spawn and i can hear the eating first part but im invisible no abilities and barely any health. I just went wtf and quit but now with the new system this counts as a loss which really sucks. I think if yer in the game for less then a minute and you quit it shouldnt count as a loss.