Behemoth sneak attack is way too loud with little falloff


I can hear him grunting/ punching wildlife more than 100 meters away, like he is right next to me. Can probably hear it even further than this. If I’m playing sneaky Behemoth, I actually exit sneak mode to kill/feed because it is much quieter. This is not intuitive, especially for inexperienced monsters.

Some Issues I see with Behemoth

I’m gonna bump this as a bug, since I’ve been able to confirm this with other players. If this isn’t a bug, the volume on his sneak attack needs to be adjusted.

If you are trying to play behemoth sneaky, come out of sneak to kill what you eat with your regular attacks. The hunters can hear you from literally across the map if you use the sneak attack.


I thought the Behemoth was suppose to be the worse monster at sneaky considering how big he can get. It’s like saying a character with heavy armor on shouldn’t get a stealth penalty in an RPG.


Well he is worse at sneaking, without this sound bug

Behemoth is bigger, easier to spot, destroys trees/bushes, harder to hide.
He is the slowest monster.

Does he also have to be the noisiest (unintentionally loud) as well when he pounces wildlife?

So many games I’ve played where behemoths start sneaking and I hear his signature


over 100+ meters away. 30-50 meters I can understand, but not 100 +.


I exit sneak mode to kill stuff whenever I am playing sneaky Behemoth and this isn’t intuitive. I’ve also played quite a few Behemoth players that don’t know using the sneak attack gives away his location across the map with practically no falloff on his grunting noises. Is this intended for Behemoth?

@MrStrategio Macman has said to bump bugs that really didn’t have a discussion or seem to be logged, so if this is easy to fix / adjust (like changing an audio level / falloff number in a micro patch) this would be a nice buff/change. I’m playing on PC so I don’t know if it affects the other platforms.


I’ll look into this. Thanks for following up.


I can vouch for OP i agree its very loud, (this might be kind of off topic, but do you think its fair people can hear me sniff with the right headset?)


have you ever had mobility issues with behemoth? like when rolling sometimes he rolls slow or rolls wrong way


This is actually the way it is ment to be. Same as on FPS where people with the right headset can hear your footsteps behind him


I’ve been getting better at hearing monster sniffs when I play hunter. As monster, I generally try not to sniff if the hunters are really close by and I’m trying to hide. You can still see them when they get close enough to you, without sniffing.

If I roll into objects / wildlife, it can slow me down or change my direction completely. If this happens I think it’s better to just unroll and start the roll again. Also, the last PC patch gave Behemoth a delay before being able to roll after an attack, and this will take a while to get used to with the current way it’s implemented.


i know bro


I’ve had this experience as well. I’ve started a roll, but then never gained any momentum (I kept rolling at the same slow speed I started at until I exited the roll). I’ve had this occur going uphill, downhill, and going off a cliff, so I’m not quite sure what causes it.

That’s probably something else that needs looked at, @MrStrategio. I could create a new topic for it if it’d help.


As far as I can hear, the stealth pounce grapple sounds can be heard at the same distance for any monster at 100 meters. It does not play past 100 meters. It is possible we have the issue fixed already, but it will take a title update to get that sort of code fix out, so it may be a while. I would still request @MacMan consider lowering the distance at which you can hear a stealth grapple to about 60 meters, same as the sniff range, which players with good hearing can listen for.

As for the rolling issue, I recommend a new thread with a video linked to highlight the issue in particular.


Remove the sniffing sound

I still don’t get why hunters get to hear stealth pouncing, sniffing, evolving, etc and yet we can’t hear the sound of the dome device. Why can’t monster players with good hearing hear the dome throw?


I see. So it may be just that Behemoth’s stealth pounce (RARR, RARR, RARR) is a lot more distinct / noticeable than for say, Goliath’s. It’s the main reason that I just exit sneak and do 1 or 2 melee hits to kill instead. I would like this 60 meter change, though. Thanks for testing this.

Trying not to get too off topic with this thread, but I believe it was because it was too easy for monsters to dodge domes (especially Wraith), if they heard the dome and did not see any hunters (just assuming that the hunters were behind them, they could dash/leap forward). Since the change, I’ve been relying on the visual queues for this. Sometimes you can see the flash of the blue dome in front of you, before it comes down (not sure if this is always present), look up to see the dome coming down from the sky, and you can also look for the trapper and whether he has the dome in hand / throws it in his silhouette.


well as a monster you can be found without people even seeing you so if hunters are gonna get advantages shouldnt the monster get one? I mean its an animal after all, it should have enhanced senses like hearing and smelling