Behemoth skins will be rock themed


Just saw a live stream today and the debs were showing some behemoth skins and said that behemoth skins will be rock themed.
Just to let you know if you didn’t😉

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I want a gold behemoth macman in the stream said he does not know😐


For only 999.99 you TOO can have these monster rock skins!


999.99 what? Little context might make troll seem smarter…


So none of the other skin packs does work with Behemoth. But I think they will add the gold skin but not now (they haven’t build it).
On the stream they said that all the new hunters and monsters are so new to TRS but how is that possible? Why do you push the content so hard. Is 2k telling you you have to because they want more money? I am really happy to see the new hunters and stuff but don’t rush it too much. I hope your work at TRS will become calmer in the next few months!

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Obsidian Skins?

Any news on when the Sandstone and Gold skins coming out for Behemoth? That Gold skin is a must!


Where did you find that?


There was a link in one of the other threads, so it’s on the internet.


A modder on PC somehow gained access to some skins that they shouldn’t have, including the gold Behemoth, assault/support/medic predator skins and monster voodoo skins. From what we have heard they have since been banned.


Oh mir gurd


What was banned? The skins or postings?


One of our mods had posted that the user who modded/hacked those skins was banned or at least restricted from playing the game. I’m not 100% on the details.


Okay, gotcha.


Any news on more Behemoth skins than the three that are currently available?


No clue, they seem to just be plopping them out at random.


Three? Jade and Sandstone is #3 Elite?


Yes, sorry I didn’t clarify.


Since behemoth’s skins will be rock themed I have a few guesses on what the next skins may be.



Lapis Lazuli: