Behemoth skin questions


We’ve all got a ton of questions about Behemoth and his skins, here are some poking holes in my brain:

  1. Will Behemoth have a Magma skin?
    1a. If so will we get it automatically or have to purchase separate from the pass?

  2. Will Behemoth get a TRS gold skin?
    2a. If so will we get it automatically if we have unlocked the existing gold skins?
    2b. If not will there be other gold skin events to unlock it?

  3. Will Behemoth get a matching skin for the existing sets? (Bog, Carnivore, Wendigo, etc)
    3a. If so will be get them if we have already purchased the corresponding bundle?

  4. Will the Behemoth skins shown off in the stream today be available for the other monsters? (Jade, Sandstone, etc)


I don’t know about the magma skin, but they said during the stream they haven’t finished a gold skin for him yet. I know that they said his skins are going to be “Rock based” such as “Jade” and “Sandstone”
and I have no idea about the skins being available for other monsters either.


For number 4


Hopefully they do, I want a completely green Kraken from head to toe.


Yeah sure gold skins are cool and whatever, but if behemoth skins are to be rock based, make him a big motherfuckin diamond. Blinghemoth.


Too bad the diamond skin wouldn’t help it melting so fast. Seriously Behemoth, why do you melt like ice cream in the Sahara?


Somebody on reddit just posted this:
Goliath skins shown on

Enjoy :slight_smile:

No Bog, Wendigo, Magma etc. mentioned yet, but Chris confirmed a gold skin on stream.


I think Behemoth is going to have his own skins…so Sandstone and Jade will probably belong to him alone. I am sure he will get a gold skin…unsure about him taking on the Magma and others skins, however. MacMan mentioned that they had to likewise put the skins onto his ball roll animation so he takes some additional work putting a skin to than the other monsters. I really want an obsidian black on Behemoth now.

I kinda like Behemoth having his own skin and would enjoy seeing the other monsters have their own skin as well…like Goliath having his Savage skin. Would enjoy seeing Kraken with a black and yellow wasp style for his unique skin. Imagine that flying at you…yellow with black stripes Kraken! But what kind of skin should Wraith have all to herself?

Maybe we can have a forum vote for unique monster skins!


The Jade skin reminds me of some kind of exotic fruit when it has full armor.


I think Wraith could use a black skin like a xenomorph.


Ninja skin, obvs


But if he has his own skins how are they going to market that? Will he be a part of none of the bundles? Just single skins to buy? From a marketing perspective it sounds unlikely.


Black would be nice. A matte black skin like coal, or a glossy black skin like mica…


They could do a similar thing to what’s done now, you can buy each skin for behemoth individually, or you can buy all 3 of his styles with a discount


Yeah, that could work. Would break away from the current theme of one per character sets. It would kind of suck if you bought a monster skin pack and didn’t get squat for the big guy and had to buy another bundle for him.


black and blue


Black Back and midnight blue arms and tentacles I’d be down


I don’t think they’ll do any black skins, in the last stream they said that Behemoth was black when they first made him like lava rocks but it was to hard to see him so they changed it.


“The Dress” That’s all she needs.


Maybe black with a brighter colour to make them stick out enough? Like a zebra kind of skin with black back but white belly arms legs etc?