Behemoth Scrapped?


I would like to think that they would toss him out if it turns out to be a bad idea or not as cool as they thought. This goes back to “development of evolve” articles where sometimes they just had to let go of ideas.

Do you think they’d force it out since they’ve announced and had a little marketing for it?


Considering we’ve already seen some alpha gameplay footage of Behemoth, it seems pretty unlikely at this point.


I see no reason for it being scraped, seeing as there is already so much advertisement about him.


Pretty sure Behemoth isn’t just an idea to get scraped.Its a monster that passed the “standars” and its a fully operational monster.


One does not simply get rid of all of their efforts.


Just no, this is announced, an agenda point, work in progress.
The other things you mentioned were colored bricks to lay a foundation, some worked out, some didn’t, also deadlines.


Why would they toss him out at all? From my perspective, he seems like a good fit for Evolve and has interesting, new, well thought out abilities.

If it was absolutely necessary for whatever reason, then yes they would. TRS wants to make the game they want to play and if they came to a point where they realized ‘This just isn’t fun…’ they’d probably rework first, then if nothing can be done just scrap a majority and work off the fun parts.

Just look at Goliath’s evolution from… crab guy thing, I don’t remember the name. It looks and plays almost nothing like what it was originally designed like, but the cool things like fire breath still remain.


I’m just saying that I hope they would do it if it wasn’t working. They had the host monster up and running and let it die. They’ve had a lot of wildlife that they let go of as well. I just was curious if they realized it was bad, similar to the Host monster, would they get rid of it or force it out due to the small marketing of it.


That’s exactly what I’m talking about. The other monsters you see the evolution of and you see a lot change or they just completely get rid of if not working.


The host monster was as functional as behemoth is, and it’s gone. They also made wildlife that didn’t make it. The deadline, from my understanding of the devs, is a personal deadline, so that can be changed.


Host monster? There video of this?


I think we can safely say that if it wasn’t working they would have realised long before this stage. Thats the reason they do so much play testing.


I think there are lessons that the past development of the game has offered, one of which being that monsters need to be in control of their own abilities. As long as they don’t mess with these core lessons, and as long as they’re flexible in changing up abilities and stats if they don’t feel like they’re working, then there’s no reason to out-right scrap a monster now.


I’m not saying I want it scrapped, I’m just hoping that they would do it if called for instead of feeling pressure to still put t out because it’s been teased.


Just go to the development of evolve topic (top of general discussion) there’s all kinds of stuff. It takes a bit of scrolling to get to the host, but there’s a lot of cool stuff along the way.

Or just search host monster in the search bar.


as they said they do rapid prototyping first to see if the concept works which the movement for the velvet worm seemed too tricky or not worth the effort

the behemoth is playable now but will be quite glitchy and unfinished textures


The Velvet Worm, Host, and many other wildlife were not scrapped because people generally didn’t like them (although a couple were GODDAMNDUNEWOLFS), they were scrapped because they were technically unfeasible. And with the amount of stuff they have already revealed about Behemoth, it would be stupid to scrap him right now. Then the DLC haters would have more to bitch about.


I know they didn’t scrap them because they aren’t liked, I don’t think I ever said that.


So… Yeah.


I still don’t see it. It was all in reference to gameplay/technical side. They scrapped ideas because they were bad, technical nightmares, or they just didn’t turn out how they thought it would.