Behemoth Sandstone skin is out for ALL platforms (PC in game store)

didn’t see anyone make a topic about this yet, so feel free to close this if I’m wrong


Something about the flatness of his face disturbs me deeply >_>


At least he and the Nomad can get along.

Can’t really tell from the image, are his eyes/tongue still blue?

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Yes 10char

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Awesome! I don’t see it in the Xbox store yet.

What platform man?


Please do not troll or give click bait/false links.


Trolls. An ocean of trolls.

so this is fake?

His link is fake. Nice guy, him. Should have seen it coming OP never said what playform but it’s not in the xstore.

The original post may be, but someone else was posting links to sites that had nothing to do with Evolve.

It shows PlayStation Store in the bottom right of the picture…

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Maddcow vanquished tha beast for us, and fast!

Haha overlooked it. Damn I want this skin HARD.

Wonder what colour the glow is, the yellow glow of the eliet skin is 100 times better then the original’s orange.

Actually, I can confirm its in the ps4 store. I’m religiously against trolling… In the pic his eye is blue, but I can’t see his tongue.

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@MadArtillery it’s a brownish orange colored glow. @DontLetMeEvolve tongue is definitely blue, won a solo game with the skin it was clearly blue when he opened his mouth for his victory pose


Pretty sure the glow is always the same base color, the skins just kinda make it look a little different. The lighter albino skin making the glow look lighter yellow instead of the golden orange of the others.