Behemoth roll strength


I had heard Bob’s roll attack was extremely powerful. So I decided to try it out for the first time. I am in shock at how powerful it is. My jaw dropped to the floor.

Will it be nerfed in TU9? Until a nerf, I’ll consider this on my list of things to do to trolls/OP Hunters.


His melee damage values are being nerfed in TU9, unless something has changed since February. I imagine this will include the roll melee, as well. However, rolling itself is going to move slightly faster and the magnitude is being decreased (meaning hunters won’t be knocked as far away from Behemoth when hit by roll).

If my info is outdated, someone can kick me out of this thread and correct me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, as I hunter player, I hate the roll and its attack. I’d rather dodge TG with my latency than deal with the roll. :laughing:


Roll damage should be as powerful as it is now, unless they make it so that behemoth can instantly kill all wild life.

Damn grubs… always stopping you

Also they are nerfing his melee damage so i think roll damage should stay the same anyways


Do you mean the melee that makes him come out of the roll? You’re rolling and then you press R2/RT/Right Mouse Button, that attack? I am talking about rolling directly into the Hunter, no melee attack. The Hunter that I rolled into (and kept on rolling into) lost a ton of health quickly.


Yeah, I was talking about the melee that ends roll. The damage from roll itself I’ve not heard anything about in terms of upcoming changes, or I can’t remember any at the very least.

I’ve always found roll’s damage to be really annoying to deal with, especially with all the bugs associated with it. There’s supposed to be a minor delay between the damage it deals, so I’m surprised that you’re saying their health is dropping so quickly. I hope the bug is not back. :confused:


This means Behemoth can still stun-roll hunters into a corner. The magnitude was never the problem. It was how hunters couldn’t escape and/or get out even if cornered.

I’ll bite my tongue if it means the hunter can’t be knocked back and backed into a corner. Aka, Magnitude =/= keeping a hunter in stumble-mode.


Are you talking about flat land or up a hillm cause i know that if you roll into a hunter up a hill and anything that goes up you can do a lot of instantaneous/really quick damage. Well same thing goes down hill too. Anyways, ive usually see most of the people i roll into get away a majority of time unless they changed something since ive left


Roll spam has been an issue for ever. My most hated attack

It will be buffed . The .magnitude will be 10 / was 20. It wouldn’t push hunters long .


The attack strength of Roll needs to be high. Behemoth needs to roll over all sorts of small wildlife by killing it instantly. IMO it should be even higher, as right now you get the instant kills only with DI.
However, I am strongly in favor of having the Roll effect applied less frequently, so that there is more time to get out of it as a Hunter.
To prevent killing 1 Strider and then stopping on the next one just because the roll effect is on CD, I would also make it have a larger AoE.

Damage +
Frequency -


There is a reason why people refer to Behemoth’s roll as a “fifth ability”. At the moment, roll spam does too much damage against hunters and can cause stun-lock.

Behemoth’s roll should much weaker against the hunters, but remain strong against wildlife.


I’ve never seen anyone refer to Behe’s roll as his “fifth ability”. And if they have, it’s probably because it’s his traversal ability.


Maybe you haven’t, but people I’ve played with have referred to it as an ability. And no, they weren’t at all referring to it being a “traversal ability” - they were referring to its powerful damage.


There is a whole thread on this forum discussing fifth abilities, including Behe’s roll. Search for the thread. Take your time. Now you have seen people refer to Behe’s roll as a fifth ability.


Traversal ability that does damage . No one else can do that


As long as Charge (for Goliath) is an ability, I see no reason not to call Behemoth’s rolling an ability too.


Yeah, I uh… Never denied that, Bader. Good job restating the obvious, though.


Powerful damage? Okay then. Why don’t you, uh… y’know, use your jet pack?


Yes powerful (the whole point of this thread). And you’re simplifying way too much by saying “use your jetpack”.


No, dude, it’s really just that simple. Trust me. I play the game too.


It’s not. But if you think blowing all your jetpack on dodging a traversal is effective, good for you.


Oh, but it’s not just a traversal, remember? It’s a, “fifth ability”.