Behemoth roll is OP! Way to much damage

I know before the patch behemoth needed a little help, but 190 per roll hit is op, and the bounce back makes it so u cant do anything, good behemoth players are spamming this now and it’s quite OP. Never thought i’d say that about a behemoth but it’s true. Going from 25,50,75 to always 190 was a bit ridiculous. I could se maybe 75 always but 190 is like handing a good behemoth a win. thoughts?

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It was required to help his ability to ragdoll wildlife and roll over them.

Also his roll downing someone means you didn’t dodge or were facing him on even terrain. Take it from me he needed this and it is most certainly counterable.


Stay off the ground when fighting behemoth n definitely don’t fight in caves/ small areas.

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it does do too much, no other transveral does damage… Behemoth is like a bonus

Just roach/kite. He’s still as clunky in movement as ever. Give him a nice, flat, enclosed area to work with and you’re dead.


I didn’t even get hit by a Behemoth roll once yet. Get up high and dodge the roll. If he spams it, it means it will be even easier to dodge the next one, because he uses like 10-20% (don’t know the value) of his stamina if he just hits roll once. His stamina will be empty most of the time if he uses it for damage more than movement.
You have to play a little different now. Same with the lavabomb. Already lost two teammates to it. Told them “watch out for the lava pools, they are deadly now” - “yea, sure” - (some minutes later) - “oh shit I’m burningggggg… I’m dead -.-” lol

Behemoth roll is like Goliath charge now. It does good damage, but it’s still far from being OP, because it’s so easy to dodge.

It deals the same damage as his light attack. Do you consider his light attack to be overpowered?

If so you may need to re evaluate your perception of overpowered in this game.

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You can down a hunter (/deleted: instantly) easily as Bob. Tongue grab into fissure into roll into heavy attack. (/deleted: Instant) Easy down.

That doesn’t sound like it would be instant. I think you mean you can stun-lock a hunter.

Yeh, Instant is the wrong word. But full health to incap in a couple seconds, with the hunter not being able to do anything.

If you can record it, and are confident that it can’t be escaped, you should report it to TRS.