Behemoth roll initiation


Has somebody else the problem that Behemoth often doesn’t want to initiate his roll? I think it’s when I press W while pressing SPACE.
Can the dev fix this so it is irrelevant whether you are pressing another button?

Or am I the only one and doing sth wrong?


You might be experiencing he roll delay after a melee attack. After behemoth melee attacks there is a short delay on his roll to prevent roll spamming for extra damage.


Ah, yeah, that probably is the problem.

I consider myself an Evolve veteran and I didn’t know that. In fact, there was no way of knowing that (except you happened to read some post in these forums I guess).
Blocking the human’s ability to control the character is a bad thing in the first place (talking about tumbling). But blocking it with no indication what’s blocking it is the worst.

@GentlemanSquirl Isn’t there some other solution against roll-melee spam? Maybe make his roll initiation animation play slower after a melee?
The current solution just leads to me spamming Space and yelling at that big fat rock to start rolling.


I think there are other issues with it too. I would have to track down the bugs. I’ve been eyeing BoB quite a bit lately, so I am going to try and have the gameplay programmers do a pass on him if I can. It may not be a 1.0 thing though. But our patch process after that will be much quicker.


Mr Squerrlll my friends told me that stasis are delaying the rolls as well as some of the animations like the heavy attack and fissure.


I can confirm this. Nothing’s more annoying than trying to roll out of the orbital just to have it take 1.5 seconds to get into the roll because Abe threw a grenade.


Since most of the players I pug with are Behemoth players, they really dislike playing with Abe and Crow. I was playing today and found out just how hard it slows you down. :frowning:

I guess this is a bug because it only started happening every game after the micropatch.


It definetly happend before, maybe the redcution to 0% slow increased the frequency at which it happens.