Behemoth roll glitch


I’m don’t think I’m the only one who this has happened to… But sometimes when I’m rolling around as my big brother Bob, I’ll go off of one of the “ramps” and ledges on the maps and as you know you can’t turn whilst in mid-air, but I won’t fall and regain control… Instead I float, and keep rolling in the exact same direction until I hit an object/wall and half (or more) of my stamina bar is gone. I’ll try to get in some gameplay tomorrow so I can put up a clip and show it happen. But do you guys in the dev team think you could flag this bug it isn’t already?


I have a clip as a hunter watching the behemoth float forever then finally drop directly on me. @macman this happens all too often


Anyone who’s anybody knows about this glitch.

Anyone who has touched Brohemoth in at least a handful of matches knows about this glitch.

Everybody f**king hates this glitch except the Hunters chasing said Brohemoth because it screws over only the Monster most of the time.

How this glitch made it past alpha is mind splitting. Although… same can be said for a lot of these bugs… minus a few who are very rare indeed.